Week 6 (8/3-8/9)

Saturday 8/8/09-met at the hs for a group run, kids did between 50-60 minutes and 4 corners, burpess, mountain climbers, push ups,  and  jumpinjacks- good day= everyone in a fine mood.

Friday 8/7/09- out to Arreton rd. 13-15 hills.  Great day- great dry weather.

Wednesday 8/5/09-14 miles for the varsity and 10.5-11.2 for the ladies.  Good day- incredible weather- very cool.

Monday 8/3/09-met out at Greenway preserve on Rosedale rd. for a steady state.  Course was very tough in fact Mancuso and Schoepfs mustered only 6:10ish.  Great loop.  Mancuso hit 6 in a row while the other varsity guys did 5 rested 60 seconds and hit one more.  Caroline led the girls with 5.  15 minutes cooldown for around 10 on the day for the top guys.