Week 3 (7/13-7/19)

Saturday 7/18/09- met at Princeton Battlefield for an easy 50-60 minutes followed by .5 mile worth of 4 corners.  The 4 corners were squats, jumpinjacks, squats, and coes for 10 reps each, stations were 100m apart.  Good day great week.

Friday 7/17/09-2.5 mile warm-up, 8-12 hills with 3 skips, followed by 2.5 down.  Good day.

Weds 7/15/2009-  kids met at the two path for a long run- varsity guys got a quality 85 minutes in.

Monday 7/13/2009- kids met at Washington Rd to run the Princeton Cross Country Course.  Most kids did the 2 mile loop twice, about an 8 mile day for the varsity. Schoepfs led the way with around 5:40 per mile.