Week of 5/11/09

Sunday 5/17/09- off or recovery.

Saturday 5/16/09- Frosh soph dudes. Schoepfs, Mancuso Foy and Katie hit the track.  Did some change of pace- 600’s (400 @ GP followed by 200 fast).  Sufficient rest between each

Friday 5/15/09-  Frosh Soph Girls.  Foy and Mancuso hit 2 miles at threshold before running 800 @ GMP.  Cooldown- all in trainers.  Katie

Thursday 5/14/09- recovery run. Holmdel mile-some very good performances.

Wednesday 5/13/09-underclassmen and a few upperclassmen competed in the dual meet.  Some good performances.  Katie hit a long warm-up before thresholding the 32.  Kevin and Sam hit 5 miles up and 2×400 hard before hitting fast 100’s (6) with full recovery. 

Tuesday 5/12/09-everyone began with a 25 minute warm-up, stretch, drills, strides. Those competing tomorrow went home.  Those competing Thursday did a few easy 200’s in trainers.  Katie did 10x 200 with a 100m jog to get the lead out.   

Monday 5/11/09-Most of the team erroneously did a pre-meet before gaining knowldge that the meet was moved.  A small group of warriors headed over to the tow path.  Schoepfer- who was ‘feelin’ it yesterday and hit 11 miles did 25 minutes and 4 miles of threshold at 5:30 a mile with Schmitty. Foy, McKee, Mancuso, and Max hit 50 minutes at 6:30 pace.  They followed this with 5x a mile at threshold.  Mancuso and Foy led the way at 5:15-5:25 a mile.  Everyone finished with strides. Caroline and T2 went over and did about 5.5 miles up followed by 3-4 miles at Threshold.