Week of 5/4/09

Sunday 5/10/09-those who competed yesterday did a recovery run (7-11) plus plenty of strides. 

Saturday 5/9/09-county champs- those not competing had captain’s practice at MCP 

Friday- those competing at Counties- pre meet.  Those not competing did race sim for mile prep. 

Thursday 5/7/09-easy run of between 40-50 minutes and strides. 

Wednesday 5/6/09- dual meet- if not competing guys hit distance run and strides.  Some great performances today. 

Tuesday 5/5/09- easy runing and strides, varsity guys and gals got between 45-55 minutes and 10 good strides. 

Monday 5/4/09- kids ran either 400 repeats on a smaller cycle or the guys expecting to run this weekend ran the NAU workout, 600 to the gills – 1:27 or so- 10 or so of east running and hard 100m with full walk rec. 2 laps down.