Week of May 25, 2009

Tuesday 5/26/09-kids met at the tow path.  Schoepfs and Mancuso hit a few easy miles (7-8).  Foy and the Kellners hit between 2-3 miles at threshold following their warm-up.

Monday 5/25/09-kids meet at track for a quick workout- the last of 2009!!  20 minute warm-up followed by drills and strides.  Mancuso and Schoepfs stayed in their trainers and legged off an 800 at GMP (2:07) the put on the spikes and worked on some kicking drills over four 300’s.  Katie and Caroline hit a mile at G32P (5:14/ 5:28) before doing the same.  Everyone looked very strong.  Foy partied a 1000m at G32 pace before workin on his kick.

Week of 5/18/09

Sunday 5/24/09- easy run followed by a ton of strides to spur recovery 

Saturday 5/23/09- Pirates do great- Mancuso and Katie sweep 3200!  GO PIRATES! 

Friday 5/22/09-all 3 boys pirates get out in the 1600!! 

Thursday 5/21/09- pre meet 

Wednesday 5/20/09-same as Tuesday 

Tuesday 5/19/09- kids headed over to the tow path for a recovery run and short team stretch. 

Monday 5/18/09-those trying to break 5 on Monday hit a few reps at 200.  Those competing at Willinboro hit either a 4×800 or 4x 1600 as tuneup for this weekend. Those running sectionals hit 8 fast reps following their events. Results sent from my blackberry.  Comments to follow.

Doug 205

Maeda 209

Wonton 212

Buchbind 210 838

Hurshal 503

Dj.  443

.Mckee 447

Max 444

T2 232

Kay 237

Heather 230

Jane 238

Varsity 4*8

Schoefs 201

Katie 228

Foy 203

Calder 227

Manc 158

Caroline 232

Scmitty 207 810

Becky 231 958

Week of 5/11/09

Sunday 5/17/09- off or recovery.

Saturday 5/16/09- Frosh soph dudes. Schoepfs, Mancuso Foy and Katie hit the track.  Did some change of pace- 600’s (400 @ GP followed by 200 fast).  Sufficient rest between each

Friday 5/15/09-  Frosh Soph Girls.  Foy and Mancuso hit 2 miles at threshold before running 800 @ GMP.  Cooldown- all in trainers.  Katie

Thursday 5/14/09- recovery run. Holmdel mile-some very good performances.

Wednesday 5/13/09-underclassmen and a few upperclassmen competed in the dual meet.  Some good performances.  Katie hit a long warm-up before thresholding the 32.  Kevin and Sam hit 5 miles up and 2×400 hard before hitting fast 100’s (6) with full recovery. 

Tuesday 5/12/09-everyone began with a 25 minute warm-up, stretch, drills, strides. Those competing tomorrow went home.  Those competing Thursday did a few easy 200’s in trainers.  Katie did 10x 200 with a 100m jog to get the lead out.   

Monday 5/11/09-Most of the team erroneously did a pre-meet before gaining knowldge that the meet was moved.  A small group of warriors headed over to the tow path.  Schoepfer- who was ‘feelin’ it yesterday and hit 11 miles did 25 minutes and 4 miles of threshold at 5:30 a mile with Schmitty. Foy, McKee, Mancuso, and Max hit 50 minutes at 6:30 pace.  They followed this with 5x a mile at threshold.  Mancuso and Foy led the way at 5:15-5:25 a mile.  Everyone finished with strides. Caroline and T2 went over and did about 5.5 miles up followed by 3-4 miles at Threshold.

Week of 5/4/09

Sunday 5/10/09-those who competed yesterday did a recovery run (7-11) plus plenty of strides. 

Saturday 5/9/09-county champs- those not competing had captain’s practice at MCP 

Friday- those competing at Counties- pre meet.  Those not competing did race sim for mile prep. 

Thursday 5/7/09-easy run of between 40-50 minutes and strides. 

Wednesday 5/6/09- dual meet- if not competing guys hit distance run and strides.  Some great performances today. 

Tuesday 5/5/09- easy runing and strides, varsity guys and gals got between 45-55 minutes and 10 good strides. 

Monday 5/4/09- kids ran either 400 repeats on a smaller cycle or the guys expecting to run this weekend ran the NAU workout, 600 to the gills – 1:27 or so- 10 or so of east running and hard 100m with full walk rec. 2 laps down.