Week of 4/27/09

Sunday 5/3/09-runners were instructed to either take off- or get in a short threshold.

Saturday 5/2/09-those who raced last night ran an hour plus a mile of strides- those who didn’t ran 50 minutes and theshold miles.  Girls all ran threshold miles- Kellners hit 5:50, 6 /and 6.  good day. 

Friday 5/1/09-quick warm-up  followed by strides- groups hit straight Bowerman intervals at 2, 2:20, and 3:00 intervals followed by fast running. Katie hit 10x 400 @ 77-79 on a 2:20 cycle with 4 fast 200’s, rest of the ladies did the same but stopped at 8 400’s.  Brain “Baywatch” Schoepfer hit 15x 400 @ 67-69 on a strict 2 minute cycle. Rest of the guys headed to Holmdel for the Holmdel Twilight series- 3200.  Led By Kevin Foy’s winning 9:21 it was veritable PR parade.  Here’s the split sheet.


Thursday 4/30/09-workout foiled by lacross- first part in- kids worked on gp for 3200- Katie led the way in around 5:17, followed by a woodmere loop (5k) in 18:40- everyone followed suit from there.  Developmental group got in 4 400’s before trailing off for their 5k.

Wednesday 4/29/09-3 mile warm-up to Comunity park- groups performed 300m repeats on grass (9-12) Schoepfer, Mancuso, and Foy did 2x 8 minutes at threshold, 2 minutes between sets followed by 2x 300 @ race pace.  Cooldown.  Kellners hit straight distance- about 50 minutes.

Tuesday 4/28/09-duel meet- some good performances top runners worked on goal specificity 2nd half of race. 

Monday 4/27/09-kids either did pre meet, 150’s (sub varsity), or 40 minutes followed by 4 x400’s (varsity dudes and Katie) followed by strides.

Good day.