Hightstown Duel

Splits here



Great day kids- I’m proud of the redirection that occured yesterday.  Lets keep it up- breakthroughs are only breakthroughs if you stay on the other side.

Schmidt- good race- you set the tone- you followed intelligently and went for the win- you were focused and determined- if you continue to train and race this way you’ll make a run at 4:30 this year.  Focus and be consistent and it will happen.
Alex- incredible job- you were focused and determined- lets go as far was we can with this- the closer you get to 4:40 the better set up we have for next year and beyond.
Hurshal-if you’re not in it you’re out of it- your splits are misleading- even when you were in the pack you were at the back of it and losing connection with the race. Be focused and compete- the bolder you are in races the bolder you’ll become in other realms- and son- you’re smart, you’re a good athlete- lets do something with your talents.
Grant-very uninspired 1600- if you’re under the impression that sub 5 is something that is going to just show up- just happen-such as arm pit hair -then you’re in for some major disappointments.  You’re right there- you need to require it of yourself- show some intensity for crying out loud.
Austin-ugh- agonizingly close- you were 5 seconds under pace with a lap to go and ran out of gas- a little bit of toughness that last 200 would have put you under.  Lets get it in the next race- make it happen out there. You raced the proper way-  hung on until you died- next time die later and less.
Sameer-great job- you’re coming back fast and furiously- stay after it and lets go after sub 4:40- that’s your goal.
Max- nice work man- we’re going after 10 next week- you’re ready- now lets GO.
Sean Ferg- great job- your last 100m was astonishing- way to recover from Saturday- now lets work on consistently performing at this level.  I’m so proud of your athletic development.
Joe  Ferg- good solid race- now this is a race you can build on Joe.  Keep the upper body nice and relaxed while running- drop your hands a bit.
Maeda- your toughness impresses me- you were so determined and in tune with doing your best- that’s why you’re going to be an outstanding runner- you’re determined to do your best.
Buchbinder-good race- you were in touch wit the comp and fought hard the whole way- I’m exceedingly proud of the year you’ve had- we have just a few weeks left to go after your goal of running under 4:40- lets single-mindedly reach for it.
Doug-best race- in my mind- of your pirate career- it’s a breakthrough if you build on this theme- your effort was absolutely awesome today- you never fought harder! Now that we know we can do it lets get after it.  Your goal are to get to 4:35 and as close to 2:00 as possible.
Foy- big week of training- you’re progressing nicely- lets pay attention and stay healthy- take your recovery time seriously and let’s start thinking about our goals.  9:15 and under 4:20.  If you continue to compete it will happen.
Sheldon-race don’t pace- you’re shooting at the hip- justget out there and roll- way too much left in the last 200- use that in the middle of the race.
Gurbux- whatever it is- fix it.
Grant- outstanding performance!
Ron- you’ll get there- take practices more seriously and sweat the small stuff-it’ll pay dividends these last few weeks.
McKee- you competed with drive and fire- also your shorts were goofy and didn’t match- other than that great race- we’re ready to go after 9:XX- next Friday is out first shot.
DJ Hiller- you can run with Jeff- if you don’t finish with him- start with him- you got gapped too early- even better you could have just sat on the H-town kid and water ski’d to a PR.  Next Friday we’re going after it.
Hurshal- bad day- get over it and go forward.



Shelby- you’re ready for some great performances- consistently apply the mindset of the past few days to the rest of the season and you’ll run 5:20- hang on- stay forward and allow yourself to fight hard the last lap.  Lets focus!
Kaleigh- awesome job- I’m proud of your development- great time- better performance- you tried so hard out there- that’s all  we value and is the most important aspect of performance….effort.
Facheema- ugh………….ugh………..next week we’re under to stay under- you were way under with a lap to go- keep at it!!!
T2- we want o be under 11:50 in our next all out 32.  Let’s train for that performance.
Lisa- congrats!!! Awesome job!!
Donnelly- congrats!!! Awesome job!!
Caroline- wowsers- you’re fit! Keep enjoying yourself!
Kaylee- good day- doubles are tough- but can be done if you concentrate!
May Chang- awesome- lets get to the 2:30’s!!!!
Isabella- very good job!- you can run 2:40 this year- keep it up!
Becky- you’re ready to run after the school record- that’s your goal- 2:20!!!!
Sherene- good performance!!!
Julio- nice job- you looked easy and relaxed
Katie- you’re ready for something truly special.  The road to 10:20 starts tomorrow.