Week of 4/20/09

Sunday 4/26/09- kids who wenr to the prom met up at 8 to beat the heat and did their 40 minutes and threshold miles.

Saturday 4/25/09- Distance run of 40-50 minutes followed by threshold miles with minimum rest. Katie hit 4 miles between 5:55- 6:05

Friday 4/24/09– Varsity hit a run followed by 400’s at GMP.  JV did their Palooza- Congrats to Grant and Facheema for getting under their goal!!!!!

Thursday 4/23/09-  Workout for those who did race this week.  split up into one mile group and two mile group.  One mile group ran 1,000 meters followed by 600 meters all at goal mile pace with short rest inbetween.  Two mile group ran 5 laps followed by 3 laps at goal mile pace with full rest inbetween.  Both groups finished with 6, 150 meter sprints with hurdles inbetween.  Heavy workout, stay tough and hang in there. Penn relay girls ran great, 4 by 400 won their heat WOOHOO!  good luck to Katie!  All of those who didn’t have a workout did 50 minutes easy and a mile of madness!   

Wendesday 4/22/09-  Workout for those who didn’t race  an 800 at goal mile pace followed by 4, 400’s at an increesing pace.  Those who did race ran 45 minutes easy followed by 4, 400’s at goal mile pace in trainers with full rest inbetween.

 Tuesday 4/21/09-  Race comments up, great job guys keep it up.  Those who didn’t race ran an easy 40 to 50 minutes.   

Monday 4/20/09- The boys team started with a discussion on the lack of commitment shown by those who didnt race and the lack of effort by those who did race.    Only 8 people showed up at the tow path with Anil on saturday.  If you dont want to give an honest effort and dont want to get better then get off the team, you’re wasting my time and yours. Those who did race met upstairs for another talk and to watch clips of what they should have been doing on saturday.  Everyone finished with a 40 to 50 minute run and some strides.  For those in the meet tomarow 1.Get out  2.Be tough  3. TRY!