week of 4/6/09

Saturday 4/11/09-  Nasty weather, Everyone split into groups. A group- 40 minutes and met at new theater for stretching, then headed out for a 10k at steady state pace.  B group- 13 minute minute warm up and then 10K at steady state.  It was a good day for most kids to get in a distance run and a tempo despite being unable to use the towpath.

Friday 4/10/09-  Everyone ran on their own for about 40-50 minutes

Thursday 4/9/09-kids warmed up for 20 min.  Drills stretch and strides, most everyone did 2x 1200 @ MGP followed by 4-6 fast 200’s.  Some good efforts- 2nd 1200 was a little rough.  Katie did 6 laps at goal pace in 7:56 (10:34).  Followed by a 600m kicker in 1:53.  Cooldown of 2 laps and 8 barefoot strides.  Mancuso hit 2x3200m in 10:35 followed by 1600 at goal 3200 pace.  He hit 4:39.  Very good day.  Some of the uperclassmen hit the over unders.

Wednesday 4/8/09- most kids ran the 6.5 miles big dipper plus a mile of madness (pushups, mountain climbers, burpees, and jumpinjacks.  Katie and Kevin did thresholds.  Katie ran 5 miles up followed by 2x 3200m (125m rest between) at around 6:05-10 per mile followed by 2 laps and 8 strides for an even 10 on the day.  Kevin ran 5 up and did 2x 3200 (125m rest between) @ 10:42-3 followed by one mile at 4:50.  Kevin ran 2 laps and 10 barefoot strides for about 11.

Tuesday 4/7/09–  speed development.  20:00 warm-up followed by drills and 8 strides.  10-14x 150’s fast with drills between.

Monday 4/6/09-  Got out at 9:30 for a long run at the towpath.  Everyone did a long run to match their longest of the season.  Both Fergs hammered for 105 minutes WOOHOOO