Week of 4/27/09

Sunday 5/3/09-runners were instructed to either take off- or get in a short threshold.

Saturday 5/2/09-those who raced last night ran an hour plus a mile of strides- those who didn’t ran 50 minutes and theshold miles.  Girls all ran threshold miles- Kellners hit 5:50, 6 /and 6.  good day. 

Friday 5/1/09-quick warm-up  followed by strides- groups hit straight Bowerman intervals at 2, 2:20, and 3:00 intervals followed by fast running. Katie hit 10x 400 @ 77-79 on a 2:20 cycle with 4 fast 200’s, rest of the ladies did the same but stopped at 8 400’s.  Brain “Baywatch” Schoepfer hit 15x 400 @ 67-69 on a strict 2 minute cycle. Rest of the guys headed to Holmdel for the Holmdel Twilight series- 3200.  Led By Kevin Foy’s winning 9:21 it was veritable PR parade.  Here’s the split sheet.


Thursday 4/30/09-workout foiled by lacross- first part in- kids worked on gp for 3200- Katie led the way in around 5:17, followed by a woodmere loop (5k) in 18:40- everyone followed suit from there.  Developmental group got in 4 400’s before trailing off for their 5k.

Wednesday 4/29/09-3 mile warm-up to Comunity park- groups performed 300m repeats on grass (9-12) Schoepfer, Mancuso, and Foy did 2x 8 minutes at threshold, 2 minutes between sets followed by 2x 300 @ race pace.  Cooldown.  Kellners hit straight distance- about 50 minutes.

Tuesday 4/28/09-duel meet- some good performances top runners worked on goal specificity 2nd half of race. 

Monday 4/27/09-kids either did pre meet, 150’s (sub varsity), or 40 minutes followed by 4 x400’s (varsity dudes and Katie) followed by strides.

Good day.

Hightstown Duel

Splits here



Great day kids- I’m proud of the redirection that occured yesterday.  Lets keep it up- breakthroughs are only breakthroughs if you stay on the other side.

Schmidt- good race- you set the tone- you followed intelligently and went for the win- you were focused and determined- if you continue to train and race this way you’ll make a run at 4:30 this year.  Focus and be consistent and it will happen.
Alex- incredible job- you were focused and determined- lets go as far was we can with this- the closer you get to 4:40 the better set up we have for next year and beyond.
Hurshal-if you’re not in it you’re out of it- your splits are misleading- even when you were in the pack you were at the back of it and losing connection with the race. Be focused and compete- the bolder you are in races the bolder you’ll become in other realms- and son- you’re smart, you’re a good athlete- lets do something with your talents.
Grant-very uninspired 1600- if you’re under the impression that sub 5 is something that is going to just show up- just happen-such as arm pit hair -then you’re in for some major disappointments.  You’re right there- you need to require it of yourself- show some intensity for crying out loud.
Austin-ugh- agonizingly close- you were 5 seconds under pace with a lap to go and ran out of gas- a little bit of toughness that last 200 would have put you under.  Lets get it in the next race- make it happen out there. You raced the proper way-  hung on until you died- next time die later and less.
Sameer-great job- you’re coming back fast and furiously- stay after it and lets go after sub 4:40- that’s your goal.
Max- nice work man- we’re going after 10 next week- you’re ready- now lets GO.
Sean Ferg- great job- your last 100m was astonishing- way to recover from Saturday- now lets work on consistently performing at this level.  I’m so proud of your athletic development.
Joe  Ferg- good solid race- now this is a race you can build on Joe.  Keep the upper body nice and relaxed while running- drop your hands a bit.
Maeda- your toughness impresses me- you were so determined and in tune with doing your best- that’s why you’re going to be an outstanding runner- you’re determined to do your best.
Buchbinder-good race- you were in touch wit the comp and fought hard the whole way- I’m exceedingly proud of the year you’ve had- we have just a few weeks left to go after your goal of running under 4:40- lets single-mindedly reach for it.
Doug-best race- in my mind- of your pirate career- it’s a breakthrough if you build on this theme- your effort was absolutely awesome today- you never fought harder! Now that we know we can do it lets get after it.  Your goal are to get to 4:35 and as close to 2:00 as possible.
Foy- big week of training- you’re progressing nicely- lets pay attention and stay healthy- take your recovery time seriously and let’s start thinking about our goals.  9:15 and under 4:20.  If you continue to compete it will happen.
Sheldon-race don’t pace- you’re shooting at the hip- justget out there and roll- way too much left in the last 200- use that in the middle of the race.
Gurbux- whatever it is- fix it.
Grant- outstanding performance!
Ron- you’ll get there- take practices more seriously and sweat the small stuff-it’ll pay dividends these last few weeks.
McKee- you competed with drive and fire- also your shorts were goofy and didn’t match- other than that great race- we’re ready to go after 9:XX- next Friday is out first shot.
DJ Hiller- you can run with Jeff- if you don’t finish with him- start with him- you got gapped too early- even better you could have just sat on the H-town kid and water ski’d to a PR.  Next Friday we’re going after it.
Hurshal- bad day- get over it and go forward.



Shelby- you’re ready for some great performances- consistently apply the mindset of the past few days to the rest of the season and you’ll run 5:20- hang on- stay forward and allow yourself to fight hard the last lap.  Lets focus!
Kaleigh- awesome job- I’m proud of your development- great time- better performance- you tried so hard out there- that’s all  we value and is the most important aspect of performance….effort.
Facheema- ugh………….ugh………..next week we’re under to stay under- you were way under with a lap to go- keep at it!!!
T2- we want o be under 11:50 in our next all out 32.  Let’s train for that performance.
Lisa- congrats!!! Awesome job!!
Donnelly- congrats!!! Awesome job!!
Caroline- wowsers- you’re fit! Keep enjoying yourself!
Kaylee- good day- doubles are tough- but can be done if you concentrate!
May Chang- awesome- lets get to the 2:30’s!!!!
Isabella- very good job!- you can run 2:40 this year- keep it up!
Becky- you’re ready to run after the school record- that’s your goal- 2:20!!!!
Sherene- good performance!!!
Julio- nice job- you looked easy and relaxed
Katie- you’re ready for something truly special.  The road to 10:20 starts tomorrow.

Week of 4/20/09

Sunday 4/26/09- kids who wenr to the prom met up at 8 to beat the heat and did their 40 minutes and threshold miles.

Saturday 4/25/09- Distance run of 40-50 minutes followed by threshold miles with minimum rest. Katie hit 4 miles between 5:55- 6:05

Friday 4/24/09– Varsity hit a run followed by 400’s at GMP.  JV did their Palooza- Congrats to Grant and Facheema for getting under their goal!!!!!

Thursday 4/23/09-  Workout for those who did race this week.  split up into one mile group and two mile group.  One mile group ran 1,000 meters followed by 600 meters all at goal mile pace with short rest inbetween.  Two mile group ran 5 laps followed by 3 laps at goal mile pace with full rest inbetween.  Both groups finished with 6, 150 meter sprints with hurdles inbetween.  Heavy workout, stay tough and hang in there. Penn relay girls ran great, 4 by 400 won their heat WOOHOO!  good luck to Katie!  All of those who didn’t have a workout did 50 minutes easy and a mile of madness!   

Wendesday 4/22/09-  Workout for those who didn’t race  an 800 at goal mile pace followed by 4, 400’s at an increesing pace.  Those who did race ran 45 minutes easy followed by 4, 400’s at goal mile pace in trainers with full rest inbetween.

 Tuesday 4/21/09-  Race comments up, great job guys keep it up.  Those who didn’t race ran an easy 40 to 50 minutes.   

Monday 4/20/09- The boys team started with a discussion on the lack of commitment shown by those who didnt race and the lack of effort by those who did race.    Only 8 people showed up at the tow path with Anil on saturday.  If you dont want to give an honest effort and dont want to get better then get off the team, you’re wasting my time and yours. Those who did race met upstairs for another talk and to watch clips of what they should have been doing on saturday.  Everyone finished with a 40 to 50 minute run and some strides.  For those in the meet tomarow 1.Get out  2.Be tough  3. TRY!

Week of 4-13-09

Friday 4/17/09-  Everyone did the 6.5 mile big dipper loop on rabbit hill road followed by 6 to 8 strides for those racing on saturday. Those not racing did a mile of madness. 

Thursday 4/16/09- extended warm-up at steady state pace between 3- and 4.3 miles followed by team stretches and 8 strides.  Those running Saturday did short specificity(600 at GMP pace or 400 at G8P) followed by cardiopulmonary work(6*400 on 2 Minute Cycles).  Those not running Saturday did specificity(1200 at GMP and at 4:30 all out 400) followed by cardiopulmonary work(8*400 on 2:20 cycle).  Great weather- great day- good buddies- good food-great ingredients -Papa Johns.

Wednesday 4/15/09-day of rest and recovery, everyone did just 20 minutes easy followed by group stretches and core.   

Tuesday 4/14/09-Meet postponed.  Those who worked out yesterday went out for 40 minutes followed by a MOM.  Those set to run today hit 13 minutes up followed by drills and strides then broke up int0 groupsMD ladies hit 600, 400, 400, 200 followed by fast 150’s and overunders.  Distance group ladies hit 1200, 800, 400, and 150’s.  Distance guys hit 4-3-2-1 led by Doug Wallack.  Mancuso, Foy and Schoepfer hit 10 laps at threshold followed by a mile at 3200 pace followed by an 800 at mile pace.  Finished with 150’s and overunders. Good day.

Monday 4/13/09-Those who weren’t cheduled to run against Steinert hit the track for a medly of 200’s 400’s and followed by a mile of madness. Those running against Steinert did an easy run followed by mile of madness.  Katie performed a 40 minute run followed by 2×1600 @ threshold 5:56, 5:57 then a MOM.  Schoepfer, Mancuso, and Foy ran 4×1600 on a 1 minute rest at threshold- followed MOM.

week of 4/6/09

Saturday 4/11/09-  Nasty weather, Everyone split into groups. A group- 40 minutes and met at new theater for stretching, then headed out for a 10k at steady state pace.  B group- 13 minute minute warm up and then 10K at steady state.  It was a good day for most kids to get in a distance run and a tempo despite being unable to use the towpath.

Friday 4/10/09-  Everyone ran on their own for about 40-50 minutes

Thursday 4/9/09-kids warmed up for 20 min.  Drills stretch and strides, most everyone did 2x 1200 @ MGP followed by 4-6 fast 200’s.  Some good efforts- 2nd 1200 was a little rough.  Katie did 6 laps at goal pace in 7:56 (10:34).  Followed by a 600m kicker in 1:53.  Cooldown of 2 laps and 8 barefoot strides.  Mancuso hit 2x3200m in 10:35 followed by 1600 at goal 3200 pace.  He hit 4:39.  Very good day.  Some of the uperclassmen hit the over unders.

Wednesday 4/8/09- most kids ran the 6.5 miles big dipper plus a mile of madness (pushups, mountain climbers, burpees, and jumpinjacks.  Katie and Kevin did thresholds.  Katie ran 5 miles up followed by 2x 3200m (125m rest between) at around 6:05-10 per mile followed by 2 laps and 8 strides for an even 10 on the day.  Kevin ran 5 up and did 2x 3200 (125m rest between) @ 10:42-3 followed by one mile at 4:50.  Kevin ran 2 laps and 10 barefoot strides for about 11.

Tuesday 4/7/09–  speed development.  20:00 warm-up followed by drills and 8 strides.  10-14x 150’s fast with drills between.

Monday 4/6/09-  Got out at 9:30 for a long run at the towpath.  Everyone did a long run to match their longest of the season.  Both Fergs hammered for 105 minutes WOOHOOO