Week of 3/30/09

Wednesday 4/1/09-   Pre meet for everyone racing tomorrow 40 minutes.  Everyone who isn’t racing did 400’s.  A group did 10 400’s at 2:30 intervals.  B group did 8 400’s at 3:00 intervals (2st 4 @ 2:30 int.).  Extra group (Hurshal)-  had an intense workout of 20 400’s at 2:30 intervals.  Everyone finished up with 8 strides and group stretching.  GREAT DAY, get psyched up and spiked up for the first real duel meet of the season tomorrow!

Tuesday 3/31/09- good weather, everyone did a 13 minute warm up and then split up into groups.   A group- 2 by 5k at 16:30.  B group-  4.3 mile tempo, followed by an 800 at goal mile pace on the track.  C Group-  a 4.3 mile tempo.  Altogether good day.

Monday 3/30/09-  Windy but not too chilly.  Extended warm up of 35 minutes and got to the track for drills, strides, and spikin up.  All girls and guys put down the hammer for 10-14 150’s, some did under-over drills on the hurdles in between repeats.  Finishing with a 2 lap cool down, this covered our speed workout for the week.  Good job today guys, KEEP IT UP.