Week of 3/2/09

Sunday 3/8/09-Realworld Boston crew hit the track at 9:30 (ladies) and 1:00 (Schoepfer) for some specificity.  Caroline hit 1k/ 200, Gabby hit 600/200 with Shelby- 1:44/33-4 in trainers, and Calder hit 300/100 and 200 reps with all the girls. Good day. Schoepfer hit a 700m at goal pace (through fast in 56).  Schoepfer followed with 6×200 at 28-29 on 90 second cycle.

Saturday 3/7/09- 30-65 minute run at a good clip for most- recovery for Realworld Boston crew. 

Friday 3/6/09-newbies ran for a little while all others continued to work on their goal pattern finishing a 900m rep at their goal mile pace- some great performances.  Realworld Boston cranked up their goal progression, Gabby hit 500/300 with very short rest in 1:27/ 50-with Shelby right on her heels, Katie Calder hit a 300 followed by a 100 followed by repeat 200’s, Caroline hit an 800 in 2:34-short rest 400 in 77 followed by repeat 200’s.  Schoepfer worked on his goal pace by running 600/200 with a 20 second interval- Schoepfer hit 1:27/ 28-9 followed by 6x 400 on a 2 minute cycle.  Great weather- great first day.  Next week we graduate towards 1k!!! 

Thursday 3/5/09-13 minutes up for some- Sam and Nick hit 900m at goal pace.  Sam hit 2:20 and Nick hit 2:30- ahead of his pace of 2:31.8.   Sam then jogged a few laps before hitting 8x 400 on a 2 minute cycle- averaged between 70-73- 2 laps down. A few of those in the md group hit 2x 500m @ goal pace.  Good day.

Wednesday 3/4/09- some of the crew went on a distance run due to the  bad surfaces and cold weather.  The Realworld Boston crew and a few others completed a 3 miles woodmere warm-up then either did 2 plus miles of Indian runs (sprinters) or hit 7-10 cycles of 2 minutes on (mile goal pace) 1 minute off before completing an 800m cooldown. Good day despite poor conditions.

Tuesday  3/3/09- Kids either went easy outside or stayed inside (Realworld Boston) completed 30 minutes in the old gym followed by stretching and 4 corners or plyo hurdles, burpees, mountain climbers, and coes. followed by a few easy minutes of running.

Monday 3/2/9- blizzard- everyone did what they could.