Week of 3/30/09

Wednesday 4/1/09-   Pre meet for everyone racing tomorrow 40 minutes.  Everyone who isn’t racing did 400’s.  A group did 10 400’s at 2:30 intervals.  B group did 8 400’s at 3:00 intervals (2st 4 @ 2:30 int.).  Extra group (Hurshal)-  had an intense workout of 20 400’s at 2:30 intervals.  Everyone finished up with 8 strides and group stretching.  GREAT DAY, get psyched up and spiked up for the first real duel meet of the season tomorrow!

Tuesday 3/31/09- good weather, everyone did a 13 minute warm up and then split up into groups.   A group- 2 by 5k at 16:30.  B group-  4.3 mile tempo, followed by an 800 at goal mile pace on the track.  C Group-  a 4.3 mile tempo.  Altogether good day.

Monday 3/30/09-  Windy but not too chilly.  Extended warm up of 35 minutes and got to the track for drills, strides, and spikin up.  All girls and guys put down the hammer for 10-14 150’s, some did under-over drills on the hurdles in between repeats.  Finishing with a 2 lap cool down, this covered our speed workout for the week.  Good job today guys, KEEP IT UP.

Week of 3/23/09


 Saturday 3/28/09-  First scrimmage went great, there were lots of outstanding performances.  Most kids doubled, and took it as a workout.  All kids ran with an extended warm up and cool down.  Those who did the workout yesterday ran 10-14.5 miles on the tow path. Schoepfer, Kevin, and Sam were dropped off in East Millstone just south of Manville and ran a point to point. Katie and Caroline got in 10 miles at 7:30 per mile.    Everyone who raced today must go for a long run on their own or in a small group tomorow.  Just another drop in the bucket. Sometimes a Pirate just has to say bucket.

Friday 3/27/09-  All kids ran 45 minutes followed by 10 strides except Brian, Sam, Foy, and Sameer who did two 3200’s and an 800.  All four of them ran great.  Katie and Caroline did about the same thing except they ran a hard 400 at the end and Caroline hit 2 x 1.5 miles.  Katie’s slits were 11:55, 11:56, and 73, Caroline hit hers in 72! Kevin hit 10:31/10:32 and Sam was the first 800 guy home in 2:07.  There was a s little rest as possible between the 3200’s (<90 sec) and the only rest after the 2nd 32 was the time it took to get the spikes on. Great day- cooldown was 2 laps easy plus 10 strides for all.  Training through first scrimmage tommorow, for veterans its more of a workout, for beginners its their first racing experience.  For those beginners…1. Get out-  put yourself in the front 2.  Be tough- hang on to that person ahead of you, and forget about the pain.  3.  GET MEAN- on that last lap put your head down and fight for your place! leave nothing left in the tank.  TEST YOUR LIMITS

Thursday 3/26/09-   Despite bad weather we met in Gym for team photos and group assignments based on experience.  Group A- 25 minutes, followed by 20 minutes at threshold, 5 minute cool down.  Group B- 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes at threshold, 5 minute cool down.  Group C- 15 minutes, followed by 10 minutes threshold, 5 minute cool down.  All runs were based on integrity,  what you put in is what you got out.  Be tough and you’ll reap the benefits.

Wednesday 3/25/09-  Beautiful day, Group A- 60 minutes, Group B- 45 minutes, Group C- 60 minutes.  Then everyone got back together at the park for a mile of madness! 4 stations included jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push ups and burpees. 

Tuesday 3/24/09-  13 minute warm up, drills, then strides.  Group A- 1100  meters at goal mile pace.  Nick led the guys through.  Shelby and Caroline led the girls through in 3:40  , followed by 12, 150’s for the guys and 8, 150’s for the girls.  Group B-  500, 400, 300, 200, 200.  Kevin, Sam, and Brian did 10, 800’s.  Katie did 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200, 200 all at 5 minute pace.  All groups finished up with stretching and 2 lap cool down.  GREAT JOB TODAY

Monday 3/23/09- Group A- 2 mile warm up, then 6.5 mile steady state run..  Group B- 6.5 mile steady state run.  Group C-  4 miles steady state. Followed by a half mile cool down for each group.  Top groups hit from 39-41 minutes on the 6.5 mile steady state run (Big Dipper Loop)

Week of 3/16/09-

Sunday 3/22/09 off/ on your own/ or meet in princeton for long run if you missed Saturday.  

Saturday 3/21/09 70-95 minutes on tow path, great run. 

Friday 3/20/09-  13 minute warm up and stretching.  Threshold 3 miles for beginners, 4.25 for veterans. 

Thursday 3/19/09-  40-55 minute run, core and strides.

Wednesday 3/18/09-  13 minute warm up- drills- strides,  8-12, 150 meter repeats.   

Tuesday 3/17/09- 40-55 minutes.  Core and strides afterwards.  

Monday 3/16/09– 13 up- drills- strides, 2* 800 @ gmp followed by drills and plyos.

Week of 3/9/09

Wednesday  3/11/09-

Tuesday 3/10/09-realworld Boston hits 50% of their goal distance faster than their goal pace- Gabby hits a 400 in 60, Katie hits a 200 in 28, Shelby takes Caroline through a 600 in 1:53, Kevin hits an 800 in a PR 2:04- (his old pr was 2:17 from last years Howell Relays).  Schoepfs hits around 1:13 for 500, Mancuso recovers from yesterday and runs easy mileage. 

Monday 3/9/09- most kids did 150m sprints. Boston squad did a recovery run save Sam who hit a 1k at GP (2:37) in very windy conditions, he jogged up to the turn and split a 200 for 1250 meters in 3:34.  Good day- hay’s in the barn.

Week of 3/2/09

Sunday 3/8/09-Realworld Boston crew hit the track at 9:30 (ladies) and 1:00 (Schoepfer) for some specificity.  Caroline hit 1k/ 200, Gabby hit 600/200 with Shelby- 1:44/33-4 in trainers, and Calder hit 300/100 and 200 reps with all the girls. Good day. Schoepfer hit a 700m at goal pace (through fast in 56).  Schoepfer followed with 6×200 at 28-29 on 90 second cycle.

Saturday 3/7/09- 30-65 minute run at a good clip for most- recovery for Realworld Boston crew. 

Friday 3/6/09-newbies ran for a little while all others continued to work on their goal pattern finishing a 900m rep at their goal mile pace- some great performances.  Realworld Boston cranked up their goal progression, Gabby hit 500/300 with very short rest in 1:27/ 50-with Shelby right on her heels, Katie Calder hit a 300 followed by a 100 followed by repeat 200’s, Caroline hit an 800 in 2:34-short rest 400 in 77 followed by repeat 200’s.  Schoepfer worked on his goal pace by running 600/200 with a 20 second interval- Schoepfer hit 1:27/ 28-9 followed by 6x 400 on a 2 minute cycle.  Great weather- great first day.  Next week we graduate towards 1k!!! 

Thursday 3/5/09-13 minutes up for some- Sam and Nick hit 900m at goal pace.  Sam hit 2:20 and Nick hit 2:30- ahead of his pace of 2:31.8.   Sam then jogged a few laps before hitting 8x 400 on a 2 minute cycle- averaged between 70-73- 2 laps down. A few of those in the md group hit 2x 500m @ goal pace.  Good day.

Wednesday 3/4/09- some of the crew went on a distance run due to the  bad surfaces and cold weather.  The Realworld Boston crew and a few others completed a 3 miles woodmere warm-up then either did 2 plus miles of Indian runs (sprinters) or hit 7-10 cycles of 2 minutes on (mile goal pace) 1 minute off before completing an 800m cooldown. Good day despite poor conditions.

Tuesday  3/3/09- Kids either went easy outside or stayed inside (Realworld Boston) completed 30 minutes in the old gym followed by stretching and 4 corners or plyo hurdles, burpees, mountain climbers, and coes. followed by a few easy minutes of running.

Monday 3/2/9- blizzard- everyone did what they could.