Week of 2/23/09

Sunday run oyo 

Saturday 2/28/09- kids met at the tow path and equaled their longest run of the indoor season.  Those running in Boston completed a longer run (10-12.5 ) at a moderately fast tempo. 

Friday 2/27/09- Boys training for spring do 13 minutes followed by 800 at GMP, Nick Led everyone home with a 2:11. Lots of Prs a great day. Boys racing at Nationals do 40 minutes

Thrusday 2/26/09- Boys racing at nationals do specificity. Sam does 800 at Goal 1200 pace(2:05) followed by 400(62), Keving does 1200 at goal 1600 pace followed by all out 800. Schoepfer does 500 at gp(70) with short rest followed by all out 300(47.) Good day for most

Wednesday 2/25/09–  Girls racing at Nationals do Specificity, KK does 2 * 800 @ GMP, Caroline does 2 * 600 @gp(1200) Katie Calder does 4 *200.

Tuesday 2/24/09- Complete Disaster

Monday 2/23/09– Katie does 10 miles(No Strides) and Caroline does 9.5(With Strides) at Tow Path, those racing at Easterns  do premeet