Week of 2/23/09

Sunday run oyo 

Saturday 2/28/09- kids met at the tow path and equaled their longest run of the indoor season.  Those running in Boston completed a longer run (10-12.5 ) at a moderately fast tempo. 

Friday 2/27/09- Boys training for spring do 13 minutes followed by 800 at GMP, Nick Led everyone home with a 2:11. Lots of Prs a great day. Boys racing at Nationals do 40 minutes

Thrusday 2/26/09- Boys racing at nationals do specificity. Sam does 800 at Goal 1200 pace(2:05) followed by 400(62), Keving does 1200 at goal 1600 pace followed by all out 800. Schoepfer does 500 at gp(70) with short rest followed by all out 300(47.) Good day for most

Wednesday 2/25/09–  Girls racing at Nationals do Specificity, KK does 2 * 800 @ GMP, Caroline does 2 * 600 @gp(1200) Katie Calder does 4 *200.

Tuesday 2/24/09- Complete Disaster

Monday 2/23/09– Katie does 10 miles(No Strides) and Caroline does 9.5(With Strides) at Tow Path, those racing at Easterns  do premeet

Week of 2/16/09

Friday 2/20/09- Peddie Meet or pre-meet in prep for MoC.

Thrusday 2/19/09-  Developmental Boys racing tommorow did twenty easy minutes. Those boys racing at MoC did 40-50 minutes followed by striders. Shelby and Becky did 200’s on the track to prepare for Easterns.

Wednesday 2/18/09- wet and wibntry outside- to prevent any further illness the whole team stayed indoors and ran 20 minutes in the old gym, followed by team stretch, drills, and 10 minutes.  Today will count as an “off day”. 

Tuesday 2/17/09- Sam and Kevin hit an 800(2:06) followed by 2 laps and then 6*400(averaging 70) on 2 minute cycle. Schoefper ran a 600(1:29) followed by 6*400. Caroline and Katie hit a 800(2:35/2:36) then rest til 3:00, and then all out 200, this was followed by 2 laps easy and then 4X400 on a 2:15 cycle(averging 80). Developmental group hit 600 fast, followed by 2 laps easy and then 8 X100.

Monday 2/16/09- Varsity met at 9:00 for between 9-12 miles.  Katie hit 9 at 62 minutes and change- Caroline just behind her.  Guys hit 12 in around 90 minutes.

Race Comments State Meet

First some quotations for contemplation.

From pg. 365 in Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead.

1. We’ve survived some hardship this winter and emerged stronger.

“All Growth Demands Destruction”.

2. If we have faith in our abilities we can further our dreams this season and beyond.

“We must not think.  We must believe. Believe even if your mind objects. Don’t think, Believe. Trust your heart, not your brain.  Don’t think. Feel. Believe.”

Week of 2/9/09

Sunday 2/15/09-easy recovery run for varsity followed bny strides. 

State Groups- Pirates you did GREAT!!!!! 

Friday 2/13/09-developmental group meets for a long run at the tow path. 

Thursday 2/12/09- easy run and strides for Varsity. 

Wednesday 2/11/09-suba palooza.  Varsity warms up between 35-40 minutes followed by 3 miles of threshold and a mile cooldown for 9-10 total- incredible weather.  Katie hit miles of 6:00/6:20 and 5:55.   

Tuesday 2/10/09-recovery run.  Varsity did short specificty of between 600-800 meters followed by sprints of 100-200m.

Monday 2/9/09-Varsity completed a longer recovery run and strides, JV enjoyed the nice weather and completed some easy 200’s.

Week of 2/2/09-

Wednesday 2/4/09– Varsity boys did between 50-60 minutes followed by 10-12 strides at 800 pace. Developmental group did between 40 and 50 minutes of running.

Tuesday 2/3/09– Jeff, Kevin Schoepfer, Max and Nick hit 30 minutes at tempo followed by some fast 200’s on the track.  Developmental group did 60 minutes.

Monday 2/2/09-forshadowing a big storm the Pirates got after it.  Those competing yesterday ran vetween 70-90 minutes.  Those in the developmental group hit a 900m at goal mile pace followed by 400 rest then 4×400 on a 2 minute cycle. followed by a 300 m rest, finishing with a 3×400 on a 2 minute cycle. Girls and newbies hit the 400’s on a 3 minute cycle. Coach Anil really stepped up!!!!