Week of 1/26/09

Sunday 2/1/09-Easy run or Mercer Co. Champs 

Saturday 1/31/09-distance run followed by strides. 

Friday 1/30/09- Varsity runs distance and some strides.  Developmental group hit 800 @ Goal Mile Pace. Fergs hit 2:14-5. Followed by 2 x (4*400 on  a 2 minute cycle).  300  meters  between sets- girls completed 8x 400 on a 3:00 cycle. Good day- coldernhell.

Thursday 1/29/09- easy warm-up followed by quick stretch , followed by thresholds between 1.5-3 miles and repeats at various distances 200-400* 6 repeats. 

Wednesday 1/28/08- no school snow day,  easy run for all

Tuesday 1/27/09- easy run of between 40-60 minutes followed by strides and core- Katie compressed her run – did a few up tempo miles on the track in between 6:07-6:20 and core.  Good day Mama Nature helped us out by not snowing until after practice.

Monday 1/26/09- specificity/ power- 20 min. warm up- drills, strides, girls and guys split into groups- Katie led through the 800 in 2:42- Sahana, Heather, Shelby all followed right behind before resting and clicking off a fast 300, guys did the same in 2:07/45 before getting in a jog and hammering out 100m repeats – 800 guys did 600 fast then 100 with the milers.  Developmentals did between 5k- 10k of hard running followed by core.