Week of 1/19/08

Sunday /25/09-most group warmed up and followed run by 16 strides. 

Saturday 1/24/09- those who could make it to practice hit 13 at around 6:30 pace- Mancuso and Foy came back later and hit around 11.5 up tempo.

Friday 1/23/08– 13 minute warmup. Developmental Boys not racing tonight hit 3X(600-400-200)  with 200 rest in between each. Those not racing except for Nate did 1200 @ GP(Mancuso Hit 3:14, Schoepfer and Foy 3:16) and at 4 Minutes hit a fast 400(Mancus0 and Schoepfer hit 64 and Foy 66) They then followed by 10X400 on a strict 2 minute cycle. Guys averaged around 70. Nate did 600@ GP (1:31) and at 2 Minutes hit a fast 200(29) Good Day for Most! Ladies hit an 800 drill (600 @ g.p., rest 30 seconds, 200 fast- Becky led all in 1:47, shelby led everyone home in around 33 or so- adds up to a 2:20-26 for those running- they followed this with a 400 jog followed by another 400 at goal pace-125 jog followed by 200’s on a 70 seconds cycle- very good.   Good comp for many at the Peddie meet! Grant comes very close to making the sub 5 club. Great weather- best in a long time- mid to upper 40’s with very little wind.

Thursday 1/22/09-Mancuso and Foy hit 35 minutes followed by 3x mile at threshold, 5:24, 5:24, 5:19, 2 laps down for about 9 total.

Wednesday1/21/09– dual meet at Lawrenceville for some- Kevin and Sam hit 70 minutes at the school.

Tuesday-1/20/09– easy run and core.

Monday 1/19/09–MLK Day- recovery run for everyone – Guys meet in Groups.