Week of 1/5/08

Saturday 1/10/09-the bravest Pirates met at the tow path for a long run.  Mancuso, Jeff, Foy, and Schoepfer hit 15 easy- everyone else did a variety of distances and paces based on training patterns- Shelby killed an 11 miler- probably her best ever- she was followed by Tingy and Caroline- other ladies hit 9-10.  Very tough day! I’m proud of all those who attended.  

Friday 1/9/09- 20 minutes up, Everyone but Schoepfer and Maeda did a 1200 @ goal pace (Mancuso hit 3:18, Foy close behind in 3:21) followed by 2 miles at threshold (Mancuso and Foy at 10:38) Followed by 600 below mile pace (Mancuso led in 1:33). Schoepfer and Maeda did 2X400(Schoepfer hit 58, 62) Followed by a 1600 at thresh, followed by a 400 at GP.  Girls did 5×800, Developmental Boys did 6×800- all at Mile Goal effort- cold and miserable out.

Thursday 1/8/09-Those running Hispanic games did steady miles.   

Weds 1/7/09-those not running got in some core and 40 minutes – horrible weather out- downright depressing 

Tuesday 1/6/08-kids split up ino groups and ran between 4.5-8 miles followed by strides and some core- crappy weather out- real bad weather. 

Monday 1/5/08-quick team meeting followed by 20 minute warm-up.  Most kids split into workout groups.  Mancuso, Foy, McKee and Schmidtty hit 800 (gmp)- 400j- 1600 (g2mp) 400j- 800 (gmp).  Mancuso led the way in 2:07/4:41/2:10- others followed behind.  Good day- cold and raw out.  MD group did a variation of the same 400-800-400. 57-2:14-62 followed by faster 200’s (3*26-28).  Good day. Core after.

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