Week of 12/29/08-

Sunday- 1/4/08-a few miles oyo. 

Saturday 1/3/08- run at the tow path- a few ran a straight run of 14.5 with 8 strides for the full 15- others hit 60-70 with a minimum of 2 miles repeats.

Friday 1/2/08- split into two groups- everyone did a 20 min. warm-up- Group B hit a woodmere followed by a 600 at effort- other groups hit specificity-Varsity boys hit their miler workout, 1100 @ gp- Mancuso hit 3:02- joga lap- 500 to the gills- Mancuso hit 1:17 for a 4:19 total.  Jog a lap and between 6-10 400’s on a 2:00 cucle- mancuso AVG’D 67’s everyone close behind- Kevin and McKee hit 70-71- 2 laps down. Girls worked their 800m skills 200/400/200 walk through followed by 300’s with a 100m jog.- 2 down.  Core for all.  

Thursday 1/1/08-New years day- everyone working off non-alcohol related joyously healthy hang overs- Mancuso and McKee get in 5 mile tempos at the Hang-over run.  

Wednesday 12/31/08-kids meet in groups for runs- many Jayvees hit their speed workouts- all did core- looked great! 

Tuesday 12/30/08-most of the team did 20 minutes, mile of madness, 20 minutes, mile of madness, Mancuso and a few others who missed yesterday did 8-16x 200 with a 100 meter jog in 28-30 for the leaders.  Shelby, Becky, Ting Ting, and Heather did 300/200*4 with a 400 – 100m rest between everything- kicker on the end.  God work- cold and windy out! Core after. 

Monday 12/29/08-team met in groups- Most guys hit a hard anaerobic but bulky 4-3-2-1 at South- brisk wind- leaders hit 4:57/3:43/2:27/65- decent day considering- Sean Fergs breaks the 5 minute barrier with a stellar 4:57! Foy, Schoepf’s, and Mancuso hit the tow path for 15 miles- first 10 was at maintenance pace followed by 4.5 at threshold- Foy led everyone home in 24:40 (sub 5:30) followed by Schopefer at 26:00.  Shelby and Becky both got their runs in earlier- 70 minutes followed by a mile at threshold- Shleby hit 6:10 and Becky hit 6:30.