Week of 12/22/08

Sunday-  12/28/08-easy running oyo.

Saturday 12/27/08– group met at the towpath for a long run- teams got off to a good start at MC games in NYC. 

Friday 12/26/08-those running marine corps took the day easy with 40-50 minutes and strides, those not running did their fast 200’s.

Thursday 12/25/08-  off for the holidays

Wednesday 12/24/08-recovery run at high school between 40 and 60 minutes

Tuesday 12/23/08-specificity, MD boys hit a 600 fast and get caught in some major traffic before heading home in 1:32 ish- followed with fast 200’s.  Milers hit a 1000 at goal pace followed by plenty of rest and a 600 fast.  Finally 5 400’s at interval pace.  2 milers did 3x 1200 @ goal pace with plenty of rest- most guys did 5*600 @ gmp- led by Joe Fergs- rest was a 3:30 cycle, 4 for the girls.  MD ladies hit 2 fast 600’s followed by some quick 200’s.  Good day and comparitively awesome weather. 

Monday 12/22/08-Tempo run of between 4.2 and 6.2 miles.  Sam and Foy led everyone home in 34:47 for under 5:40 a mile- McKee and Schoephs followed at 6 per mile.  Caroline and Ting Ting led the girls at 4.2 miles- good day.