Week of 12/15/08

Sunday- mileage oyo 

Saturday 12/20/08-long run of 50-100 minutes – no tempo miles due to horrible ice on Tow path 

Friday 12/19/08-off due to unusually horrible weather. 

Thursday 12/18/08-20 minutes warm-up, drills, strides (8) and 9-10×200 either fast or 30/29/28. Great day. 

Wednesday 12/17/08- most kids hit up an easy longer run followed by a mile of madness. 4 corners of burpees, swing squats, mountain climbers, and jumpin jacks- some of the md group went with Coach Smith and did a medley of 400, 500, and 600 repeats finishing with fast 150’s.  Good day- weather was great!

Tuesday 12/16/08-groups split up and run 30-35 minutes easy plus core work. 

Monday 12/15/08-13 minutes up, drills, strides (8), great weather- a little windy but very warm- some dudes ran w/o shirts.  Developmental group hit 6×500 @ goal pace (mile) on a strict 3 minute cycle for those who could handle it- others stretched their rest out a bit- very good day- kids looked great and worked very hard.  Girls did the same workout on a 3:30 cycle.  GREAT GROUP! Must have been 8-9 girls all running in a pack working together- everyone looked awesome!  MD guys split into groups and hit 5/4/3/2/1 with intelligent rest all at goal pace for a total of 1500 meters.  Great job.  Miler groups hit 800-400j -600-400j 800-400j and 600 at goal pace.  Mancuso led everyone home in 2:08/95/2:13/95- Kevin followed closely.  3200 meter group hit 4x1k at goal pace, McKee and Max led the way just under goal pace of 3:07.5 before running 3:01 on the last one.  Great day!!! Dress for elements in the next few days- it’s going to be miserable!!!!