In the early 1900’s African Americans in New Jersey were offered a tremendous opportunity to succeed atop the beautiful Bordentown Bluffs when the Old Ironsides School was created in the tradition of the Tuskegee Institute. The official name was Manual Training and Industrial School for Colored Youth at Bordentown.  The goal was to help better educate and establish African American students in New Jersey.  The school had a proud tradition before closing it’s doors in 1954, ironically, as a result of Brown vs. Board of Education.  Keith Griffith who finished 3rd in the State last year with an amazing time of 1:53.25 as a 15 year old has moved to Florence NJ. Unfortunately Florence doesn’t offer an indoor track team.  To get Keith ready for this Spring and beyond we’ve begun Project Ironsides.  Project Ironsides began officially yesterday in Bordentown- Keith trained on the same Bluffs that were home to Old Ironsides.

The following is his training for the week of 12/1/08-

Monday- a few miles-
Tuesday-30-35 and core.
Wednesday-Warm-up 20 minutes, 5x500m @ your track with 2 min recovery in 87.5 (70/400 pace).  Run in trainers and be strict with  the rest
Thursday- 40 minute run followed by strides, drills and core.
Friday- Warm-up on track (13:00, dr, str) 10×200 @ (30,30,29,29,28,28,27,27,26,25)- 2 laps cooldown. Keith struggled on the last one but finished up in 29.

 Sun 12/7/08-24 minutes warm-up in Bordentown, alternating hill repeats.  The hill- from base to the foot of Farnsworth Ave is 116 meters.  From the base it’s a further 150 meters to Park Street straight ahead and 84 meters to the foot of the Thomas Paine statue. Keith ran alternating sets of 266 and 200 meters with equal rest recovery back down the hill, his first 266 was 41, the others settled in between 45-47.  His 200’s were between 34 and 36.  The hill is pretty severe.

Monday 12/8/08- Keef hit around 45 minutes. No strides.

Tuesday Keith did 2 sets of Goal work, 400 on a 4 minute cycle, 300 on a 3 minute cycle and a 200 before hitting a 400 between sets.

Keith hit 55/ 43/27 and 57/42/27, 20 minute warm-up and 15 minute cooldown.  Good day.

Thursday 12/11- Keef warmed up and hit 400’s in 60/58/57/56 with a short rest- crappy weather in God’s country.

12/13/08- Hill Repeats at Bordentown.

Monday 12/15/08- 13 minutes up- goal establishment.  500, 400, 300, 200, 100 in 1:07/ 56/ 42/ 27/ fast. Good day.