Week of 12/1/08

Sunday 12/7/08-Katie ran an hour on the treadmill to prepare for warm conditions in San Diego- Coach Wayton began “Project Ironsides” with Keith.  Check it out on Project Ironsides. 

Saturday 12-6/08-Katie ran for a steady hour- Others began their transition into our hybrid fusion long run with between 35-70 minutes followed by 1-2 miles of threshold miles- Schoepfer and Nick lead us home on the milers in the mid 5’s- Dan Sheldon led the beginers with a 5:30! Great job Pirates! 

Friday 12/5/08-Most kids did a sort rec overy run with strides.  Katie warmed up for 30 minutes, stretched, drills, strides (8).  Ran 3 miles at threshold in 18:20 and went right into a hard 800m run in 2:42- even splits 81/81.  Short recovery then 2x 200m fast in 37 and 36.  Looked great! Workout stolen from Saugus Valley- worked well without trashing the legs. 

Thursdau 12/4/08- Katie takes the day off- everyone else does their warm-up of 13-20 minutes followed by drills and strides (10).  Afterwhich groups swithced into their workouts.  Most did 200’s with 99m jog across field- Varsity boys fit plyo’s between each.  800 Group of Wallack, Schoepfs, and Nate hit 3*200, 2*300, and 3*200 to introduce pace. Good day- 2 laps down and some core work.

Wednesday 12/3/08-Most indoor tarck kids did between 30-50 minutes plus strides.  Katie and Tingy completed 50 minutes and ten strides. Core and stretchign following. 

Tuesday 12/2/08- Katie warmed up for 30 minutes followed by strides (8) and drills- then hit 4-3-2-1 with minimal rest- when she was ready to go she went- she hit 5:25/ 4:15ish. 2:49, and 80.  Two laps down.  4k of good work. First day of track- girls hit 30 and core- guys hit 40 and core.

Monday 12/1/08-Katie ran 75 minutes at the tow path and hit 8 strides for about 10 miles.  Felt good – nice weather.