Week of 12/29/08-

Sunday- 1/4/08-a few miles oyo. 

Saturday 1/3/08- run at the tow path- a few ran a straight run of 14.5 with 8 strides for the full 15- others hit 60-70 with a minimum of 2 miles repeats.

Friday 1/2/08- split into two groups- everyone did a 20 min. warm-up- Group B hit a woodmere followed by a 600 at effort- other groups hit specificity-Varsity boys hit their miler workout, 1100 @ gp- Mancuso hit 3:02- joga lap- 500 to the gills- Mancuso hit 1:17 for a 4:19 total.  Jog a lap and between 6-10 400’s on a 2:00 cucle- mancuso AVG’D 67’s everyone close behind- Kevin and McKee hit 70-71- 2 laps down. Girls worked their 800m skills 200/400/200 walk through followed by 300’s with a 100m jog.- 2 down.  Core for all.  

Thursday 1/1/08-New years day- everyone working off non-alcohol related joyously healthy hang overs- Mancuso and McKee get in 5 mile tempos at the Hang-over run.  

Wednesday 12/31/08-kids meet in groups for runs- many Jayvees hit their speed workouts- all did core- looked great! 

Tuesday 12/30/08-most of the team did 20 minutes, mile of madness, 20 minutes, mile of madness, Mancuso and a few others who missed yesterday did 8-16x 200 with a 100 meter jog in 28-30 for the leaders.  Shelby, Becky, Ting Ting, and Heather did 300/200*4 with a 400 – 100m rest between everything- kicker on the end.  God work- cold and windy out! Core after. 

Monday 12/29/08-team met in groups- Most guys hit a hard anaerobic but bulky 4-3-2-1 at South- brisk wind- leaders hit 4:57/3:43/2:27/65- decent day considering- Sean Fergs breaks the 5 minute barrier with a stellar 4:57! Foy, Schoepf’s, and Mancuso hit the tow path for 15 miles- first 10 was at maintenance pace followed by 4.5 at threshold- Foy led everyone home in 24:40 (sub 5:30) followed by Schopefer at 26:00.  Shelby and Becky both got their runs in earlier- 70 minutes followed by a mile at threshold- Shleby hit 6:10 and Becky hit 6:30.

Week of 12/22/08

Sunday-  12/28/08-easy running oyo.

Saturday 12/27/08– group met at the towpath for a long run- teams got off to a good start at MC games in NYC. 

Friday 12/26/08-those running marine corps took the day easy with 40-50 minutes and strides, those not running did their fast 200’s.

Thursday 12/25/08-  off for the holidays

Wednesday 12/24/08-recovery run at high school between 40 and 60 minutes

Tuesday 12/23/08-specificity, MD boys hit a 600 fast and get caught in some major traffic before heading home in 1:32 ish- followed with fast 200’s.  Milers hit a 1000 at goal pace followed by plenty of rest and a 600 fast.  Finally 5 400’s at interval pace.  2 milers did 3x 1200 @ goal pace with plenty of rest- most guys did 5*600 @ gmp- led by Joe Fergs- rest was a 3:30 cycle, 4 for the girls.  MD ladies hit 2 fast 600’s followed by some quick 200’s.  Good day and comparitively awesome weather. 

Monday 12/22/08-Tempo run of between 4.2 and 6.2 miles.  Sam and Foy led everyone home in 34:47 for under 5:40 a mile- McKee and Schoephs followed at 6 per mile.  Caroline and Ting Ting led the girls at 4.2 miles- good day.

Week of 12/15/08

Sunday- mileage oyo 

Saturday 12/20/08-long run of 50-100 minutes – no tempo miles due to horrible ice on Tow path 

Friday 12/19/08-off due to unusually horrible weather. 

Thursday 12/18/08-20 minutes warm-up, drills, strides (8) and 9-10×200 either fast or 30/29/28. Great day. 

Wednesday 12/17/08- most kids hit up an easy longer run followed by a mile of madness. 4 corners of burpees, swing squats, mountain climbers, and jumpin jacks- some of the md group went with Coach Smith and did a medley of 400, 500, and 600 repeats finishing with fast 150’s.  Good day- weather was great!

Tuesday 12/16/08-groups split up and run 30-35 minutes easy plus core work. 

Monday 12/15/08-13 minutes up, drills, strides (8), great weather- a little windy but very warm- some dudes ran w/o shirts.  Developmental group hit 6×500 @ goal pace (mile) on a strict 3 minute cycle for those who could handle it- others stretched their rest out a bit- very good day- kids looked great and worked very hard.  Girls did the same workout on a 3:30 cycle.  GREAT GROUP! Must have been 8-9 girls all running in a pack working together- everyone looked awesome!  MD guys split into groups and hit 5/4/3/2/1 with intelligent rest all at goal pace for a total of 1500 meters.  Great job.  Miler groups hit 800-400j -600-400j 800-400j and 600 at goal pace.  Mancuso led everyone home in 2:08/95/2:13/95- Kevin followed closely.  3200 meter group hit 4x1k at goal pace, McKee and Max led the way just under goal pace of 3:07.5 before running 3:01 on the last one.  Great day!!! Dress for elements in the next few days- it’s going to be miserable!!!!

Week of 12/8/08

Saturday 12/13/08-distance run- 5 minutes shorter than last week- but a mile longer on the threshold. Varsity guys led the way with 9.5 miles at 6:45 pace followed by 3 miles at 5:26/ 5:33/ 5:34. 

Friday 12/12/08-distance run followed by strides. 

Thursday 12/11/08-13 minutes up, quick drills n strides (8) followed by 300, 200, 100 Fast.  Jv did 2 sets, Varsity did 3.  Tried to get it over quick- rainy ouy and cold.   

Wednesday 12/10/08- easy run followed by stretching- core before- 3-8 miles.

Tuesday 12/9/08-quick team meeting followed by warm-up, drills, strides.  Different Groups went into their workouts.  Katie did a fast 800 followed by 200’s (5) at pace. Girls did between 6-8 400’s on a 3:30 cycle.  Most guys did the same on a 3:00 cycle.  The boys 800 group hit 4×400 at goal pace (60 or under) with full rest.  The boys miler group hit 5*600 at Mile goal pace with full rec.  Boys distance group hit 4*800 @ GP.  Good day- great weather. 

Monday 12/8/08-kids met in science wing for some core followed by a distance run of between 30-50 minutes with a few strides.  Good day

Very Very Cold out!


In the early 1900’s African Americans in New Jersey were offered a tremendous opportunity to succeed atop the beautiful Bordentown Bluffs when the Old Ironsides School was created in the tradition of the Tuskegee Institute. The official name was Manual Training and Industrial School for Colored Youth at Bordentown.  The goal was to help better educate and establish African American students in New Jersey.  The school had a proud tradition before closing it’s doors in 1954, ironically, as a result of Brown vs. Board of Education.  Keith Griffith who finished 3rd in the State last year with an amazing time of 1:53.25 as a 15 year old has moved to Florence NJ. Unfortunately Florence doesn’t offer an indoor track team.  To get Keith ready for this Spring and beyond we’ve begun Project Ironsides.  Project Ironsides began officially yesterday in Bordentown- Keith trained on the same Bluffs that were home to Old Ironsides.

The following is his training for the week of 12/1/08-

Monday- a few miles-
Tuesday-30-35 and core.
Wednesday-Warm-up 20 minutes, 5x500m @ your track with 2 min recovery in 87.5 (70/400 pace).  Run in trainers and be strict with  the rest
Thursday- 40 minute run followed by strides, drills and core.
Friday- Warm-up on track (13:00, dr, str) 10×200 @ (30,30,29,29,28,28,27,27,26,25)- 2 laps cooldown. Keith struggled on the last one but finished up in 29.

 Sun 12/7/08-24 minutes warm-up in Bordentown, alternating hill repeats.  The hill- from base to the foot of Farnsworth Ave is 116 meters.  From the base it’s a further 150 meters to Park Street straight ahead and 84 meters to the foot of the Thomas Paine statue. Keith ran alternating sets of 266 and 200 meters with equal rest recovery back down the hill, his first 266 was 41, the others settled in between 45-47.  His 200’s were between 34 and 36.  The hill is pretty severe.

Monday 12/8/08- Keef hit around 45 minutes. No strides.

Tuesday Keith did 2 sets of Goal work, 400 on a 4 minute cycle, 300 on a 3 minute cycle and a 200 before hitting a 400 between sets.

Keith hit 55/ 43/27 and 57/42/27, 20 minute warm-up and 15 minute cooldown.  Good day.

Thursday 12/11- Keef warmed up and hit 400’s in 60/58/57/56 with a short rest- crappy weather in God’s country.

12/13/08- Hill Repeats at Bordentown.

Monday 12/15/08- 13 minutes up- goal establishment.  500, 400, 300, 200, 100 in 1:07/ 56/ 42/ 27/ fast. Good day.

Week of 12/1/08

Sunday 12/7/08-Katie ran an hour on the treadmill to prepare for warm conditions in San Diego- Coach Wayton began “Project Ironsides” with Keith.  Check it out on Project Ironsides. 

Saturday 12-6/08-Katie ran for a steady hour- Others began their transition into our hybrid fusion long run with between 35-70 minutes followed by 1-2 miles of threshold miles- Schoepfer and Nick lead us home on the milers in the mid 5’s- Dan Sheldon led the beginers with a 5:30! Great job Pirates! 

Friday 12/5/08-Most kids did a sort rec overy run with strides.  Katie warmed up for 30 minutes, stretched, drills, strides (8).  Ran 3 miles at threshold in 18:20 and went right into a hard 800m run in 2:42- even splits 81/81.  Short recovery then 2x 200m fast in 37 and 36.  Looked great! Workout stolen from Saugus Valley- worked well without trashing the legs. 

Thursdau 12/4/08- Katie takes the day off- everyone else does their warm-up of 13-20 minutes followed by drills and strides (10).  Afterwhich groups swithced into their workouts.  Most did 200’s with 99m jog across field- Varsity boys fit plyo’s between each.  800 Group of Wallack, Schoepfs, and Nate hit 3*200, 2*300, and 3*200 to introduce pace. Good day- 2 laps down and some core work.

Wednesday 12/3/08-Most indoor tarck kids did between 30-50 minutes plus strides.  Katie and Tingy completed 50 minutes and ten strides. Core and stretchign following. 

Tuesday 12/2/08- Katie warmed up for 30 minutes followed by strides (8) and drills- then hit 4-3-2-1 with minimal rest- when she was ready to go she went- she hit 5:25/ 4:15ish. 2:49, and 80.  Two laps down.  4k of good work. First day of track- girls hit 30 and core- guys hit 40 and core.

Monday 12/1/08-Katie ran 75 minutes at the tow path and hit 8 strides for about 10 miles.  Felt good – nice weather.