Week of 11/25/08

Sunday 11/30/08-Katie runs 40 minutes and strides. 

Saturday 11/29/08-13 minutes up- 5 k race- cooldown with runa nd light strides.  Awesome day! Katie makes it to San Diego!!!!! 

Friday 11/28/08-light running and stretching 

Thanksgiving 11/27/08-everyone took off except Shelby who took off Tuesday- Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Wednesday 11/26/08-light running andf team stretch after watching NCAA women’s race. 

Tuesday 11/25/08-Katie, Caroline, and McKee ran 25 minutes up, 3 miles threshold run (McKee 16:56, Katie 17:55, Caroline 20:08) followed by 100m rest jog then 4×400 on short cycles, Jeff avg 75-76, Katie around 80, and Caroline mid 80’s.  Jeff was on a 2 min cycle, Katie 2:20 and Caroline 3:00. 

Monday 11/25/08-kids ran between 45-50 min and strides.  Shelby did a workout 2*1600 @ 5:56, 200 rest jog 6:06 then 2×800@ 2:54, 2:51- short cooldown.