Week of 11/10/08

Friday 11/14/08-  Guys did premeet running to get ready for groups tomorrow!

Thrusday 11/13/08- Guys did 45 minutes steady while girls did 40 steady. GREAT DAY in not ideal conditions!m

Wednesday 11/12/08-light run and team stretching following brief meeting. 

Tuesday 11/11/08-Kids warmed up for 30 minutes before heading into their workout, drills- 8 strides, and a walk through, guys went 1200/1600/800 with about a 100m jog between- everyone looked great- girls went 1200/1200/800- both groupd did a short cooldown followed by another 8 strides. 

Monday 11/10/08-Kids headed over to the tow path for a longer run, girls ran 65 save katie who got in 75 followed by 10 strides, dudes got in 75 followed by 12 strides- darker then heck out by the time we finished.  Good day everyone looks sharp.  SPIKE UP TOMORROW!!!!!