Week of 11/3/08

Sunday 11/9/08-recovery run oyo amd strides. 

Saturday 11/8/08-  whoooooohoo- boys win forst sectional title ever! Girls nearly pull it off as well- Kellner wins!


Friday 11/7/08-kids ran pre meet for 25-35 minutes and a few strides. 

Thursday 11/6/08-kids ran between 40-45 minutes plus.  Some guys doubled- after the run a few guys ran 1200m at their race pace – no faster.  Guys ran between 3:37-3:41- a few laps cooldown then watched the Long Green line before heading off to the Schoepfers for dinner. 

Wednesday 11/5/08- JV state meet- varsity guys n gals did around 6-7 with a few light pick-ups in the middle. Strides at end. Thought this was a great/ amazing video

Tuesday 11/4/08-kids ran a recovery run and streched in groups- JV did a pre meet and finished the movie. 

Monday 11/3/08- Those running Wednesday ran for 35-40 minutes and strides before watching “the Long Green Line”.  Varsity athletes ran 3 miles warm-up before busting into 6*800+ 400. on 4 (dudes) to 5 (ladies) minute cycle before busting one last 400.  Workout was done at Community park, wheeled 800m loop. Katie led the workout for the ladies and hit splits of 2:52/2:45/2:43/ 2:45/ 2:49/2:49/82- rest of the ladies followed closely behind.  Mancuso and Foy led the guys who hit 2:25-2:30/2:25-2:36/2:25-2:32/2:27-33/2:25-33/2:26-2:34/65-70.  Good workout, about 7 miles for the day- more if you doubled.