Week of 10/27/08

Sunday 11/2/08- Varsity boys meet and run between 85-90 minutes for between 13-13.8 miles followed by 16 strides.  14-14.8 total.

Saturday 11/1/08-everyone but boys varsity meets at the Tow Path for an easy runa nd strides. 

Friday 10/31/08-Kids ran well- Girls win!!! Boys JV win- Varsity Boys and JV girls 2nd! 

Thursday 10/30/08- pre meet. Pasta Dinner

Wednesday 10/29/08-team ran betwen 30-45 minutes followed by 150’s at Goal mile pace and a mile easy- kids looked and felt great!!! 

Tuesday 10/28/08-kids ran 30 minutes indoors followed by team stretch and drills- 20 minutes more and go home- weather horrible- middle 30’s and pouring rain. 

Monday 10/27/08-can’t believe we’re here but it’s Counties week! Pretty awesome feeling- kids split into groups after doing a longer warm-up followed by a mile at Goal 5k pace, 200 meter recovery followed by 2 miles at threshold- 200 rec followed by some intervals of 300-400. 

Most of the gang hit their splits! Great work!!!