Week of 10/6/08

Friday 10/10/08-those running manhattan tomorrow did a few miles easy and strides- those not did 3×1600 on a 10 minute cycle with 4×200 kickers at the end on 90 second cycles.  Good workout. 

Thursday 10/9/08-kid ran oyo 45-60 minutes. 

Wednesday 10/8/08-Warm-up to Conover Pk.  (2.5) 10-12x 300 in groups- full rec., 2.5 back. 7-8 total.  I though this was a smart interview. Good. 

Tuesday 10/7/08-kids ran a dual vs Hightstown, L-Ville, and Princeton, Varsity did a suppl. workout after 5×2 on 2 off. 

Monday 10/6/08-brief but intense team meeting followed by a longer pre-race run.  Varsity guys went 14 at 91 minutes- everyone else trickled in down from there. Good day- cool and dry out- fundraiser dinner at Carlucci’s after.