Shore Coaches 10/4/08

Well- all in all this meet went about as well as could expect at this oint in the season.  Dames and Dudes both recorded runner-up finishes to ranked teams and the girls nearly pulled off a win- something I feel we would have done had it not been for a few injuries to key competitors. 

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Something for the dudes to look at (below)- especially important is how Mainland (Waytonville) is always just a little better than Phillipsburg (Siegelbury)…just kidding (not really).  We beat some very good teams on a relatively ambitious and fat training regimen- we’re still working hard now- we need to continue this for the next three-four weeks before we start to concentrate on our racing.  If we do this and maintain our health we should be a contender on both sides of the gender line. Congrats to the girls team who ran a school record team average (yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) beating the old best of (Groups 2003 (2nd place) WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO S 153 1 4 21 58 69 72 85 Total Time: 1:42:50.00 Average: 20:34.00) 5 years ago.

116 16:27 WWP-N
_161 16:42 CBA
_269 16:53 Haddonfield
_270 16:54 WWP-S
_460 16:56 Millburn
_460 17:09 Kingsway
_496 17:09 Ridgewood
_514 17:15 Southern Regional
_527 17:07 Toms River North
_536 17:17 Ridge
_539 17:20 East Brunswick
_545 17:18 Cherokee
_573 17:19 Moorestown
_614 17:26 Summit High School
_642 17:20 Bridgewater Raritan
_708 17:30 Randolph
_732 17:28 Lacey
_742 17:23 Lenape High School
_816 17:37 Cherry Hill East
_854 17:22 Ocean City HS
_854 17:39 Westfield High S
_864 17:32 Hillsborough
_883 17:41 Hunterdon Central
_980 17:45 Paul VI
1005 17:37 Delbarton
1032 17:50 Haddon Township
1038 17:37 Mainland
1040 17:49 Phillipsburg

Boys Varsity Comments.

Foy- You got out great- at the bottom of the bowl you were ready to run in the low 16’s- after your meeting with the Old Man you let that front pack get away from you- a little concentration and focus and you stay (stay stay stay) with that pack- you have the fitness and toughness to run with anyone- you’ll do that in the next 6 weeks.

Mancuso- 80 percent of a great race- nonetheless a very solid race- you need to start believing BIG.  You can do as much as you want- lets take some chances and find out how great we are- next week we need to use your speed to get out well- we’ll blend your speed with your growing strength and become on of the state’s in a few weeks- little by little.  Geat start. Lets slowly and patiently build on it, relaxed and smooth, relaxed and smooth.

Schoepfs- you’re a stud- you’re a standout- you’re talented- you’re tough.  I think you’re still only half way convinced of these truths. You just moved into 8th all-time for a PIRATE. Know that by Groups you ned to be physically and mentally prepared to run what Foy and Mancuso ran yesterday- you run 16:30 and we’re in the running! You can do it- I know you can. You need to know you know you can as much as I know you know you can know.  Get it?

McKee- HEEEEY JEFF .you’re funny- you’re smart, you’re durable- you’re enthusiastic- you embody everything I value in an athlete- your contributions are immeasurable. Yesterday you did everything right- lets keep working and build on our fitness to squeeeeeze another 20 seconds out of you by ‘go time’.  Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Keep the morning runs going and the mileage up.  You’re having a great senior year.

Schmitty- I like when i dish out an order and a kid responds- I like it evenbetter when a kid responds after running up the old man- you have faith, toughness and confidence- you can break 17 this year- stay the course- do the right thing- and commit to the little stuff and we’ll make history this year.  You’re doing great- your last mile was pure Pirate- tough tough tough and hungry.

Max- a good bad race.  It took me years to get to this point.  When I started at South the kids were running their finished place from the gun- never challenging themselves- you mixed it up and went for it- the bottom dropped off after the bowl- there will come a time where you hold together- if you continue to run with the courage you had today you’ll run 40-50 seconds faster in a month- lets train, live, eat, sleep like we know this.  Our 6th guy today, but you were our 4th guy for more than half of the race- awesome job!

Wallack- same as Max- who’s been doing this a lot longer than you- you’re fot- you’re strong as an ox- you need to stay the course when you start to crumble- hold it together- stay forward- use the athletes around you to coax you forward- you ran a great bad race- race don’t pace- I said this more in the first two years at South then I ever thought possible- you embodied this message yesterday- continue to do so and you’ll respond- I’m proud of you.

Varsity Girls Comments

Big K. – You got out great!  Pushed up the first hill and made the front pack dwindle down to 2!  Just after the first mile and again after the bowl, you pushed and pushed hard.  Prentice didn’t stand a chance once she knew what hit her.  You have all the tools, keep using them and keep up that confidence!  This is the Kellner we love to see.


Caroline – Unbelievable!  19:43 your first time at Holmdel!  Good start, we’ll work on the leg speed.  With a mile to go, you were in 11th and then made the move up to the front of the pack.  You put yourself out on the line, finished exhausted and I’m so proud that you pushed that hard!  We will work on the turnover and the leg speed, but keep doing what you’re doing!


Tingy – Great race, kiddo!  Your fitness is there, your aerobic capacity keeps building.  I think we got the Boston out of your legs!  You have the toughness and confidence and you will definitely break 21 at Holmdel later this year.  Good to see that you are stepping up the intensity and pushing Shelby and Becky.  Great job!


Shelbs – Good tough race.  Great race on a bum knee.  To tell you the truth, I was very surprised that you got out on the course Saturday.  I am blown away by your determination and strong will to compete and to succeed.  Keep icing and monitoring the pain.  You are a strong and confident runner, and you bleed pirate!  Keep up that spirit and the intensity (cross training or whatever) and let’s get you back to 100%. 


Beck – You’re strong, you’re tough, you’re talented.  No matter the obstacle, you’re there giving all you can.  I think the worst is behind us and we can use the awesome strength you’ve built to push forward.  Keep up there with Shelby and Tingy, you three are a great pack.  Know that you are great and run with confidence!  Great race.


Julio – You looked great!  You pushed it in the beginning and stayed with the front pack.  Don’t just think that you can make it there, be there!  You have earned your way into the top seven, continue to use your strength and confidence and keep up the intensity.  Set your sights on the three in front of you, and go for it!


Calder – A good race.  We need to get you healthy so that you can have a great race.  You have all the tools, we just need to build the toughness (and make your knees indestructible.)  Don’t get discouraged, keep your eyes on the next race.  Keep the mind clear and keep taking care of yourself!  We’ll get you back soon enough!