Week of 9/22/08

Sunday 9/28/08- Girls have the day off- dudes need to get in 20 minutes and strides to get ready for tomorrow’s dual vs. North I though this video was smart in prep for tomorrow’s run.  Pay attention to what Coach Shane has to say at the 5:50 point in the video.. 

Saturdau 9/27/08-Bus to Bell Mt. for our longer tempo run.  3 mile warmup to Bridge St. in Lambertville from the base of Bell Mt. Here we split into groups- A group hit 9 miles at tempo- B group 8 miles- girls hit 6 miles except for Katie who hit 8.  Very solid run for everyone- Kevin and Sam led anyone home with a pace of 5:47 per mile- Schoepfs, McKee, Max and Sameer  followed closely behind. Good run, cooldown was 2.5 mile for 11.5-14.5 on the day- very good work PIRATES  

Friday 9/26/08-kids ran between 40-55 minutes at Maintenance. Pace followed by 6 strides and core.  Coaches handed out cold weather gear. 

Thursday 9/25/08- 3 mile warm-up to community park , stretch drills, strides, 300’s with ample rest. guys did 10- girls did 8.  good work- varsity guys looked good despite yesterday’s workout- dress for the weather tomorrow!!!! a few varsity guys did a 3 mile warm-down. We will be going outside!!!!!

Wednesday 9/24/08- Brief team meeting, those who put forth a race effort yesterday did 40-50 minutes and strides- those who ran long on Monday did the bowl beaters.  The first Group, Kevin, Sam, and Schoepfer did 8 laps at GRP, rested until the clock hit 11, hit a 400 hard, rested til the clock hit 13- than hammered home their best mile., Group B had slightly longer rest, the third group had additional rest as well- by and large great efforts.  Great efforts out there- Sam finished an additonal mile at 5 flat.

Pirate 3200 400 1600
@ 11 minutes @13:00
Foy 9:49 66 5:09
Sam 10:07 83 6:13/5:00
Schoepfs 10:16 69 5:25
@12:00 @14:00
Nate 11:23 67 6:05
Max 10:16 70 5:37
Schmitty 10:40 70 5:27
Wallack 10:16 66 5:47
Sameer 10:26 70 5:21
McKee 10:16 73 5:20
Katie 11:12 80 5:45
asap asap
Tingy 12:38 82 6:39
Shelby 12:58 80 6:37
Caroline 11:56 81 6:02

 Tuesday 9/23/08- meet at washington crossing- entire team ran the meet- only top guys went at an easy effort- some big breakthrough’s- DJ leading us home- awesome!!! Varsity guys hit 4 miles up- 3 miles, 3 miles and 10 strides following.

Monday 9/22/08-most kids did between 40-55 minutes- some of the upperclassmen and varsity went out to the tow path for a longer run- kids hit up Whitehead rd and back for 14.4 (Kevin and Sam in 94 minutes) followed by 10 strides to make it just over 15- girls hit 80 minutes followed- save Katie who got in 90- girls did 10 good strides as well.  Good day- Kevin, Sam, and Nick motored! Katie looked solid! Shelby, Tingy and Becky hit up some side trails that Katie told them about- sounded pretty good!