Week of 9/15/08-

Sunday 9/21/08- get out for your run to reach your mileage goals and do at least 10 strides following!!!!!

Saturday 9/20/08-Great day! Boys took home the team championship and the girls finished well in all of their races.  The guys had some great performances- check some of the progression in the race comments.  

Friday 9/19/08-kids ran between 30-50 minutes followed by strides- pasta parties followed- Great Day!!! 

Thursday 9/18/08-35 minute warm up followed by 10×200 with plyos- cooldown and core following- guys were in 3 groups- ladies in two- ladies had hurdles at 22 inches- guys at 26.  Good day- everyone looked well- in control. 

Wednesday 9/17/08-easy run of 35-50 minutes followed by a mile of drills. 

Tuesday 9/16/08-Dual meet @ MCP- great day. Varsity completed a 20 minute threshold run following.  Everyone else completed a 15 minute 10 strides cooldown.  Results on Grid Here. 

Monday 9/15/08- kids ran between 35-45 minutes followed by 10 strides and team core.