Week of 9/8/08-

Sunday 9/14/08- those who ran yesterday have to run from 40-60 minutes plus 10 strides- 8 varsity dudes met at Alexander Rd @ 8:00 am for a long run- probably the longest of the year- Mancuso McKee and Foy ran to Griggstown and back (17.5) in 1:55- Wallack, Scheopfs, Max, Sameer, and Nick ran 16.2.  Run ranged from 1:50-1:55 for an average of 6:35-6:40 per mile- good day- very hot and humid by the end of the run temps in the upper 80’s.  Great day!!! We’re in great shape- just where we want to be this time of the year.

Saturday 9/13/08-congrats to all competitors- too many awesome performaces to point out-four that stuck out were Nathan Ogden (14:40 last year), Ting Ting, and the freshman sensations Caroline Kellner and Alex Maeda- I’ll try to get the race comments up tomorow- meanwhile here are the results from this year”s Knight Invite and the results from last years in similar conditions. 

Friday- 9/12/08-kids ran between 30-80 minutes depending on their group.  Strides after- team meeting and uniform day prior to run. 

Thursday 9/11/08-2.5 miles out to Conover Park- 10x 300 with plyos in between, 2.5 miles back. Drill and stretching before workout. 

Wednesday 9/10/08- girls and guys did 45-55 minutes followed by a mile of mindblowing fun and team core. Brief team meeting prior. Good day- great weather- those doubling got in around 11-12 ftd….BRING SPIKES TOMORROW !!!!. 

Tuesday 9/9/08-13 minute warm-up followed by stretching drills n strides (8) girls then went into their workout to re-do last week- very nice performances were accompanied by the good weather- Kellner hit 5:37, 5:39 5:41 on a 12 minute cycle- girls followed closely behind her in the high 5’s or low 6’s.  Dudes “a” group did 2x 2k (5 laps) on an 11 minute cycle followed by a 1k ‘kicker’.  Mancuso and Foy hit 6:14 and 6:10- their kicker was in 2:54- nice performances- kids followed in close succession. JV guys did 3x a mile @ race pace- very good workout followed by a short cooldown and core. 

Monday 9/8/08- kids ran between 6.6-8 miles followed by a murder mile of burpees ,jumpin jacks, pushups, and mountain climbers.  Kids looked great- run was cool- we will have to name it- something with Rabbit in it maybe. we’ll have a contest. Foy’s winning with Rabbit Hill Run. Core following for about 15 minutes.