Week of 9/29/08-

Friday 10/3/08-kids ran between 3-7 miles followed by 4-10 strides. 

Thursday 10/2/08-easy run of between 45-60 minutes and 10 strides followed by core. 

Wednesday 10/1/08- kids ran a 3 miles woodmere loop then met at the park and stretched and drilled before a brief lightening storm cuased us to head inside for further drills.  After 30 minutes the group headed outside for their 200’s.  Some got in a few miles extra on the cooldown.

Tuesday 9/30/08- kids met in groups for 60 minutes or oyo, 10 strides following.

Group 1


at 10:00 1600

1000m kicker








good effort after break





Group 2


at 11:00 1600

1k kicker











5:27 (sick)









good effort after break

Monday 9/29/08-20 minute warm-up followed by stretching drills and strides.  Boys broke up into several groups.  One group did variations of 6/4/2.5 (laps).  The next group which comprised most of the runners hit 6*800 on a cycle of 6 minutes (boys) and 7 minutes (girls).  Some nice performances.Katie hit 8:40, 5:41, 3:26, girls hit at around 6 minute pace- very nice- with Caroline right under.

Boys 6×800 group hit 2:22, 2:25, 2:26, 2:24, 2:32, and 2:32- very nice efforts., Girls hit 2:52, 2:50, 3:04, 3:00, 3:00, 2:57.  A few laps and a few strides for a cooldown.  Great effort- we’re ready to hustle this weekend.

Week of 9/22/08

Sunday 9/28/08- Girls have the day off- dudes need to get in 20 minutes and strides to get ready for tomorrow’s dual vs. North I though this video was smart in prep for tomorrow’s run.  Pay attention to what Coach Shane has to say at the 5:50 point in the video.. 

Saturdau 9/27/08-Bus to Bell Mt. for our longer tempo run.  3 mile warmup to Bridge St. in Lambertville from the base of Bell Mt. Here we split into groups- A group hit 9 miles at tempo- B group 8 miles- girls hit 6 miles except for Katie who hit 8.  Very solid run for everyone- Kevin and Sam led anyone home with a pace of 5:47 per mile- Schoepfs, McKee, Max and Sameer  followed closely behind. Good run, cooldown was 2.5 mile for 11.5-14.5 on the day- very good work PIRATES  

Friday 9/26/08-kids ran between 40-55 minutes at Maintenance. Pace followed by 6 strides and core.  Coaches handed out cold weather gear. 

Thursday 9/25/08- 3 mile warm-up to community park , stretch drills, strides, 300’s with ample rest. guys did 10- girls did 8.  good work- varsity guys looked good despite yesterday’s workout- dress for the weather tomorrow!!!! a few varsity guys did a 3 mile warm-down. We will be going outside!!!!!

Wednesday 9/24/08- Brief team meeting, those who put forth a race effort yesterday did 40-50 minutes and strides- those who ran long on Monday did the bowl beaters.  The first Group, Kevin, Sam, and Schoepfer did 8 laps at GRP, rested until the clock hit 11, hit a 400 hard, rested til the clock hit 13- than hammered home their best mile., Group B had slightly longer rest, the third group had additional rest as well- by and large great efforts.  Great efforts out there- Sam finished an additonal mile at 5 flat.

Pirate 3200 400 1600
@ 11 minutes @13:00
Foy 9:49 66 5:09
Sam 10:07 83 6:13/5:00
Schoepfs 10:16 69 5:25
@12:00 @14:00
Nate 11:23 67 6:05
Max 10:16 70 5:37
Schmitty 10:40 70 5:27
Wallack 10:16 66 5:47
Sameer 10:26 70 5:21
McKee 10:16 73 5:20
Katie 11:12 80 5:45
asap asap
Tingy 12:38 82 6:39
Shelby 12:58 80 6:37
Caroline 11:56 81 6:02

 Tuesday 9/23/08- meet at washington crossing- entire team ran the meet- only top guys went at an easy effort- some big breakthrough’s- DJ leading us home- awesome!!! Varsity guys hit 4 miles up- 3 miles, 3 miles and 10 strides following.

Monday 9/22/08-most kids did between 40-55 minutes- some of the upperclassmen and varsity went out to the tow path for a longer run- kids hit up Whitehead rd and back for 14.4 (Kevin and Sam in 94 minutes) followed by 10 strides to make it just over 15- girls hit 80 minutes followed- save Katie who got in 90- girls did 10 good strides as well.  Good day- Kevin, Sam, and Nick motored! Katie looked solid! Shelby, Tingy and Becky hit up some side trails that Katie told them about- sounded pretty good!

Cherokee Race Comments

I put those who ran 11 and under in the first section- everyone else is placed according to class- great job yesterday guys- you really made the program proud!!!

Sub 11.

Sam (9:55)- very solid run- you got our great- but- you yourself said- lost contact in the middle- some minor mistakes allowed those around you to get a gap- your hard right- hand -turn down the hill you took a bad route- always pay attention to not only the shortest tangent- but also the best footing- you fought after the hill and started moving on the top pack- a little inner psycho would have been nice the last portion- regardless- you raced a very solid race- we’re nowhere near our best 2 mile shape- actually closer to 4 mile shape- we’ll slowly being up the intensity while maintaining our mileage and consistency- remind yourself of your goals daily- embrace them and believe in them!

Kevin (9:56) Very good race- I didn’t see the last portion but up to that point you were running a perfect race- you got out great- you relaxed- and you were the only guy in the race that responded to Andrews move in the slightest- very nice work- please keep paying attention to your health, keep running and racing with confidence and continue to build on your already tremendous leadership skills- we’re doing it this year- all of us- lets make sure we all get there together.

Schoepfer- (10:18) tough race- very solid performance- I feel like the harder the course the better the Schoepfer- I look forward to your toughness when we get to Holmdel and Vanny- you’ve emerged as a potential elite- lets stamp our name out there- we could have the best top 3 in the state- lets continue to build on that!

Max- (10:29)- awesome race- you’ve quietly emerged as a top runner- you got our great stayed tough and cool and hammered all the way through the line- you’re a tough tough guy, I need you to commit to racing with Schoepfs- the stronger we are up top the better chance we have to make it all the way to our goals- you da man.

McKee (10:30)- nice work- remind yourself what we’re training for- you embody what we’re trying to get accomplished here- doing the best with what we have- thinking big- consistency etc. I’m very proud of your leadership- lets continue forward. I’m very proud of you.

Schmitty (10:37)- very solid race- you moved well the last portion- you’re becoming a solid force on this team- we need our top 5 to train and race like they intend to run in the 16:40’s on the old man- I’m counting on you to lead the charge- day in and day out- if you score out the meet we lose to Haddonfield 26-34 by my count – lets go after that figure- next time I want it to be 28-32, by the end of the season we have the skinnier number- we have some firepower up front- I need 5 passionate guys behind them- lets get after it.

Nate- (10:38) wow- maybe your best race to date- I’m proud of it- nobody’s earned it more than you- you’ve endured a great deal and most kids would have broken under the strain- you’ve earned a top 7 spot- lets keep pushing forward and commit to making your senior year incredibly memorable.

Wallack- (10:43) very solid race. You left some room for improvement in the middle- once you get out just lock into keeping your form together and staying relaxed- you do that you allow your fitness to shine- don’t try to do too much out there- we just need the best Doug- we get that we’re in great shape- continue to monitor your health.

Sameer (10:48) not your best race- let some gaps open in the middle- use your obvious strength to hold your race together in the middle- stay on it!!!!

Keith- (11:00) not bad- not great- a shade of grey- you got out well then seemed to get complacent- you’re a huge talent- the best 800 runners are solid xc runners- we need some insurance- train and race to be in our top 5 the better we compete with each other the finer our pool at the end of the season- so latch onto Max and company- stay with them as long as you can-.


In class order.

Freshman-Maeda (11:42) lets spend the next week getting you healthy- it’s tough to race well when dinged up- but you did a very admirable job- I want you to talk with Sam tomorrow in regards to footwear- he seems to think you need more support in your shoes- I tend to agree- you’re having a great freshman year!!!Kartik (12:10) not bad at all- you’re doing a very good job- actually a little ahead of where our top Junior runners were as freshman- keep up the great work!!Ron (13:20) good first race- it’ll just be a matter of time before you teach yourself how to race at a top level- very good time considering you didn’t have a summer of training- I’m proud of you- you’re a great addition to our family.

Prathik (13:34) very nice performance- I’m proud of you for running despite some aches and pains- lets treat as we train and get you into some running shape!!

Sophs– Joe Fergs (11:08) you do everything right- you guys are positive and hard working- the best combination in the world- you ‘re doing an amazing job and reaping the benefits of hard ork and consistency- I’m very proud of your improvement , OVER TWO MINUTES AND A HUNDRED PLACES FROM LAST YEAR!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!Buchbinder (11:14) you’re turning into a great runner- continue to work hard and race tough and you’ll be part of something special- you’re well on your way- 10 seconds faster than Max a year ago.Sean (11:19) phenomenal first race back- lets be smart with the hip- train as much as we can while staying healthy- very gutsy race!!!!!

Wonton (11:36) – solid race- I still think you can challenge yourself more in the middle of the race- stay out of your comfort zone and really push yourself!!!

Callahan (12:13) I think this is a step in the right direction- stay on it and you’ll do well- you’re contributing a great deal this year- keep up the great work!!

Waris (13:33) nice work buddy- you raced tough- get those eyes up man!- stay in the race- a big step forward today- you’re doing great!!!!!

Danny O- (13:37) wow man- first race and you’re already under 7 minutes a mile- you’ve been running for a week!!!!! I’m very proud of your decision to join our team- mark my word- if you commit to this sport you’ll make your mark- you’re just the kind of kid we like out there- you’ll finish the year in the 18’s- I’m sure of it!

Wulfy (14:23) I thought this was a solid race- you challenged yourself and didn’t back down- keep up the good work and start to turn up the heat at practice!

Adrian (16:24) keep working and improving you beat some guys today and did your best- you can’t do much more thins that- every race is a journey towards self confidence and personal achievement- mark your progress and coddle the journey- I’m proud of you.

JuniorsHurshal- (11:06). Awesome race- you’re doing a great job- I can see you’re having fun and taking this seriously- awesome awesome job!!!Aditya (11:26) solid race- I’d forgotten how well you race- you really put forth a tremendous effort- as your fitness grows so will your performance level!Sharing (12:16) – you’re a great addition to this team- you train and race tough and never back down- you can run in the 18’s this year- lets git r done.

Hwang (12:17) a step in the right direction- still a ways to go though- I hope there’s a lesson in here for you- that month away killed you- if you commit in the future you’ll see much greater returns.

Dharin (12:39) your best race to date- you were in the whole way and didn’t back down from the pace-I’m very proud of your performance.

Meers (13:06) great improvement over a year ago- keep it up- stay in the race (eyes up) and you’ll see great improvement- as soon as your eyes go to the ground you start running into it- eyes up!!!

Joey (14:06) another great race- lets keep at it and see if we can’t make a break for the 20:00 barrier!!!! We have 7 weeks guhyiturdunnnnn.

SeniorsDJ (11:13) Pretty incredible man- you’re a very good runner- I think you can run well into the 17’s this year- lets make it happen- you’re a great addition- you’d be a top runner an 90% of the schools in NJ- now that- you’re doing great great things!!!Gurbux (11:44) got out like poop- if you get trapped on this course your meat- you were meat today- there are too many turns and runners to make up the ground- learn from this and move on- I enjoy having you on the team – you’re contributing in big ways.Umar (12:15) huge improvement over a year ago- you ‘re very good at pushing yourself- keep working on your conditioning and stay healthy- lets make it our mission- along with B-Unit to get into the 18’s.

B-Unit (12:26) solid race- you can do better though- emo children are often excellent at suffering- so lets allow ourselves to suffer a little more in the middle- I think you can do a little better- you and cheems need to start the drive to 18- 7 weeks- every day counts.

Erik (12:29) – this was your best race to date- awesome job!!!! You stayed tough and raced to your limit- I’m proud of you and appreciate your leadership skills.

Wangsta (12:31) very nice race- you can improve your last 1/3 of the race- other than you’re doing well- I’m thankful of your commitment and appreciate the respect you have for your responsibility for this team- stay with it!!

Something to consider- I know I missed some of you- here’s a progression from past years! Jeff McKee- Mr. Consistency!!!

Cherokee Comparison






10:31 (8)

9:55 (7)



10:19 (9)

9:56 (3)



10:42 (22)

10:30 (23)



11:14 (10)








11:24 (45)




11:28 (46)





10:38 (32)


11:20 (42)



11:20 (41)








14:02 (180)

12:29 (171)


13:51 (177)



13:04 (157)

12:26 (164)



11:40 (56)



12:16 (110)



12:34 (129)




15:29 (220)

13:06 (227)

J Fergs



11:08 (39)

S Fergs







11:14 (45)



13:16 (121)

11:36 (82)



12:13 (129)








Katie Kellner (11:27) – Great effort, awesome start, but the gap started somewhere in the second mile.  You took the hill hard and then went, just as planned.  Shorter race than usual, but you’re there, kid.  All the pieces we’ve worked on this summer, they are coming together now.  Keep the confidence up and know that you are in fantastic shape, so run like it.


Caroline (11:45) – Unbelievable!  Great start, great finish!  You exploded up the hill and pushed to the top pack, never letting them out of your sight.  Great race, keep it up.


Shelbs (12:21) – Pre bonk on the head, you looked great!  Talk about improvement, 2 minutes from last year!  Keep up the intensity and use your strengths.  Forget about the knees, they aren’t a problem anymore (just be more hesitant before getting on a strangers shoulders).


Tingy (12:37) – Nice work!  Remind yourself what we are training for.  I think the Boston is out of your legs, so keep them rolling.  Great push in the beginning, and awesome finish passing 3 in the last 50 meters.  I am very proud of your leadership, keep it up.


Beck (12:42) – Over a minute faster than last year!  Way to hammer, you are in tremendous shape.  I need you and Tingy to continue to push each other and fight for those top spots.  A friendly rivalry helps you both succeed.  We need to watch the knee, taking care, stretching, and icing regularly.  Hang in there, I’m proud of you.


Julio (13:08) – This is the Julio we need to see more often, the one that forgets about everything else and lets it all loose out on the course.  I need you to step up the intensity and act like the seasoned athlete you have trained to become.  Great attitude, great race, let’s continue forward on this path.


Jessica (13:38) – Good job, running through the aches and pains.  I know that you were disappointed in your performance, but it is certainly a step (however painful) in the right direction.  We need to get you healthy, so you can be up there, vying for the top 5.  You have worked so hard to get to this point, don’t give up.


Donnelly (14:01) – Great race, kiddo!  This is what you’ve been training for.  Keep your eyes up and don’t let the gap open up in the middle of the race.  Hang tough and watch the finish, push with all you got, and don’t let them pass you.  I’m proud of you, you are a great addition to the team!


May (14:10) – Good race.  Let’s stay healthy, making sure that you are stretching and icing the legs.  We must train as much as we can while staying healthy!  Keep your sights on Donnelly and Julio!


Facheema (14:24) – And you didn’t want to step up to the line!  Way to get out there and push through the “aches and pains.”  It feels good to go fast.  Make sure that you take care of yourself, stretching, icing so that you stay healthy to race!  Over a minute faster than last year, great job.


Crossey (14:27) – Definitely a step in the right direction, keep contributing, you are doing awesome!  Don’t lose sight of Fatima and May and keep doing what you’re doing!  Great job.


Cara (14:29) – I thought this was a solid race, you hung tough and pushed through.  We gotta keep working and keep training hard in practice!  Let’s build that confidence.


Jaedi (15:07) – Not your best race, but a great effort, none the less.  Don’t get discouraged, you have all the tools you need to succeed.  You work hard in practice, so let’s let it all out in the race.  You cranked it up the one little hill and had a great kick at the finish.  So proud to have you sticking with it and staying on the team.  Keep it up!


Cai Cai (15:30) – You are a great addition to the team, you train tough and work hard.  We just need to work on your pacing.  When I tell you to go, you GO, so we just have to get you going the whole race! 


Em (16:01) – Minute improvement from last year, great job!  I am so proud that despite the aches and pains, the milk, whatever, you are out there pushing yourself.  Let’s get you healthy so that we can have a race without any pains we can’t explain.


Soumya (16:28) – Good race.  It’s great having you out there everyday, pushing yourself.  Keep it up.


Dorothy (16:52) – Hang in there kid, let’s keep doing the right things, keep pushing in practice, and keep the eyes up.  You’re doing well.


Saira (17:00) – Best race to date!  You bring such a positive energy and have such a great attitude, never give up!  Great leadership, keep doing what you’re doing.


Eisha (19:45) – Don’t get discouraged, you are improving everyday.  Keep working hard at practice, the races will come.  Good job.


Week of 9/15/08-

Sunday 9/21/08- get out for your run to reach your mileage goals and do at least 10 strides following!!!!!

Saturday 9/20/08-Great day! Boys took home the team championship and the girls finished well in all of their races.  The guys had some great performances- check some of the progression in the race comments.  

Friday 9/19/08-kids ran between 30-50 minutes followed by strides- pasta parties followed- Great Day!!! 

Thursday 9/18/08-35 minute warm up followed by 10×200 with plyos- cooldown and core following- guys were in 3 groups- ladies in two- ladies had hurdles at 22 inches- guys at 26.  Good day- everyone looked well- in control. 

Wednesday 9/17/08-easy run of 35-50 minutes followed by a mile of drills. 

Tuesday 9/16/08-Dual meet @ MCP- great day. Varsity completed a 20 minute threshold run following.  Everyone else completed a 15 minute 10 strides cooldown.  Results on Grid Here. 

Monday 9/15/08- kids ran between 35-45 minutes followed by 10 strides and team core.

Week of 9/8/08-

Sunday 9/14/08- those who ran yesterday have to run from 40-60 minutes plus 10 strides- 8 varsity dudes met at Alexander Rd @ 8:00 am for a long run- probably the longest of the year- Mancuso McKee and Foy ran to Griggstown and back (17.5) in 1:55- Wallack, Scheopfs, Max, Sameer, and Nick ran 16.2.  Run ranged from 1:50-1:55 for an average of 6:35-6:40 per mile- good day- very hot and humid by the end of the run temps in the upper 80’s.  Great day!!! We’re in great shape- just where we want to be this time of the year.

Saturday 9/13/08-congrats to all competitors- too many awesome performaces to point out-four that stuck out were Nathan Ogden (14:40 last year), Ting Ting, and the freshman sensations Caroline Kellner and Alex Maeda- I’ll try to get the race comments up tomorow- meanwhile here are the results from this year”s Knight Invite and the results from last years in similar conditions. 

Friday- 9/12/08-kids ran between 30-80 minutes depending on their group.  Strides after- team meeting and uniform day prior to run. 

Thursday 9/11/08-2.5 miles out to Conover Park- 10x 300 with plyos in between, 2.5 miles back. Drill and stretching before workout. 

Wednesday 9/10/08- girls and guys did 45-55 minutes followed by a mile of mindblowing fun and team core. Brief team meeting prior. Good day- great weather- those doubling got in around 11-12 ftd….BRING SPIKES TOMORROW !!!!. 

Tuesday 9/9/08-13 minute warm-up followed by stretching drills n strides (8) girls then went into their workout to re-do last week- very nice performances were accompanied by the good weather- Kellner hit 5:37, 5:39 5:41 on a 12 minute cycle- girls followed closely behind her in the high 5’s or low 6’s.  Dudes “a” group did 2x 2k (5 laps) on an 11 minute cycle followed by a 1k ‘kicker’.  Mancuso and Foy hit 6:14 and 6:10- their kicker was in 2:54- nice performances- kids followed in close succession. JV guys did 3x a mile @ race pace- very good workout followed by a short cooldown and core. 

Monday 9/8/08- kids ran between 6.6-8 miles followed by a murder mile of burpees ,jumpin jacks, pushups, and mountain climbers.  Kids looked great- run was cool- we will have to name it- something with Rabbit in it maybe. we’ll have a contest. Foy’s winning with Rabbit Hill Run. Core following for about 15 minutes.

Week of 9/1/2008

Saturday 9/6/08-  kids met at 8:30 between two strong storm fronts – it was very sticky- had to be in the 80-90’s for humidity- pretty rough- nonetheless we got in some good runs- most of the guys near ther top hit Whitehead road and back for about 14.5 plus 8 strides to make it 15- Sam led everyone back at just over 6 minute pace- Kevin and Jeff followed closely follwoed by the rest of the group- Katie hit about 1:36 for around 13 while Shelby Tingy and Becky hit a nice pace for around 10- great run despite pretty rough running conditions- beat the storm though- that’s the good part! Great job Pirates!!!! run to meet mileage goals tomorrrow!

Friday 9/5/08- kids ran between 35-58:30 plus a mile for around 11.5 for the vasity guys- team met for a mile of madness- burpees, pushups, mountain climbers and jumpin jacks. 

Thursday 9/4/08-kids ran a woodmere warm-up followed by drills- strides- today’s our second phase of speed and power development to transition from the Friday hill runs from this past summer. Today was 300’s (7-10)with full recovery at community park- guys were hitting around 49-50 at the front-girls a little under 60 at times – most of the guys did a morning run to get around 10 for the day. 

Wednesday 9/3/08- kids warmed up between 1.5 -2 miles (13 minutes) team stretch and quick meeting- then ran between 3-10 miles.  Some of the guys ran 4 miles am for 14 today- a few barefoot strides after at the park- great day- we did well for the weather.- very hot and humid- kids ran great- Shelby had a great run!!  

Tuesday 9/2/2008- 13 minutes up- drills, strides- mile repeats at GP with equal rec.  It was hot- very hot and humid- kids valiantly gutted it out.  Kevin got in 4×1600 all around or under 5- save the third one (5:10ish) on a ten minute cycle.- other guys got in a great first half and struggled home- it had to be 105 plus on the track- BRUTAL!!! Good effort though!

Monday 9/1/08- kids were oto for Labor Day.