Week of 8/18/08-

Sunday 8/24/08- some of the kids took off- a much needed day of rest- someof us made the trek North to Hillsborough for the Walton Memorial Run- it was a great day, Pirates got there early enough to complete a 2 mile warmup followed by just under 7 miles of running at a very solid pace- Mancuso hit about 6:00 pace- everyone else followed closely behind.

Saturday 8/23/08-kids got in between 40-60 minutes followed by three stations of burpess, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers.  Everyone looked great!!! 

Friday 8/22/08-practice at Witherspoon St- 8:00 am!!! Kids hit the 2.5 miles up the hill and went through their hills after a team stretch.  Guys did 19- girls did 16- everyone looked great!! We’re really getting there!!! 

Thursday 8/21/08-Tyler State Park- many missing de to vacations etc.  Nonetheless the team split up into groups and ran between 45 (ladies) and 50 (dudes) followed by a mile or so of the ‘Devils square Dance’.  Great weather- about 70 and dry as a bone.  Coach Wayton and Siegel braved the hills with their bikes

Fat twins.jpg  

Wednesday 8/20/08- long run- perfect weather alowed the Pirates to go a hair longer than planned- top guys hit about 14 (95), Kellner hit about 13.4.  Everyone else followed suit behind- great day- kids looking very very strong.

Tuesday 8/19/08-2nd annual tube fest 2008.  Kids did between 50-75 minutes with a few exceptions then we tubed – beautiful day- very fun!!! 

Monday 8/18/08- Kids met at the Washington St. lot for either a group run (those from camp) or a steady state 5 miler.  Everyone looked swell.  Gurbux looked incredible along with DJ and Becky had probably her best long run ever!!! Those hitting up the distance got in between 6-11 miles follwing their warm-up and team stretch.  Coach Wayton handed out the hot new custom East Coast Chopper PXC decals….they’re SO HOT!!!