Week of 8/4/08

Friday 8/8/08-congrats to Coach Siegel on his big day! Kids met at the hospital and ran up to our hill for 14 (ladies)- 17 reps (dudes). Coach Kellner and Coach Macaluso helped out.  Great job Pirates!!!

Weds. 8/6/08-   Best long run in recent memory- everyone looked incredible! Top guys went 100 minutes- top ladies around 80- Shelby and Caroline looked especially great! Guys continue to impress!!!

Monday 8/4/08- Met at Washington Rd. Split into groups after warm-up.  Group A ran 7 miles at steady state- Wallack continued to impress and managed to stay with Foy and Mancuso until the final 2.5 miles- Foy and Mancuso averaged around 5:55/ mile and looked great.   few struglled with the sun. Happy Burfday Katie Kellner!!