Week of 8/25/08


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Saturday 8/30/08_  8:00 a.m at the Marina (MCP)!!!kids ran between 40-55 minutes plus 10 striders- easy day- mild but humid temps- great great summer Pirates! I’m so proud of all of you- we’re in for a GREAT season!!!

Friday 8/29/08- kids ran 2.5 miles up to the Arreton Rd Hill (150m)- girls completed 17 hills with 3 skips, guys 20 hills with three skips at 6,12, and 18.  Kids are in unbelievable shape- I think we’re going to be really happy with your racing this year- you all really looked like a college team out there. Coach Wayton bit it HARD on the last one!  Here are some of the pics.
















Huge Hill

Thursday 8/28/08-kids met the high school at 7:30 and split into groups- guys did between 40 and 50 minutes and the ladies did a little less. Everyone took part in a monster mile of burpees, mountain climbers, pushups and jumpin jacks, followed a team core in commons 1.  Another great day- see you all at the Witherspoon lot @ 8:00 a.m. RAIN OR SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday 8/27/08- bus to Bell Mt. for our last long run of the summer cycle- weather was perfect- run was beautiful- everyone in a great mood.  Some real standout performances- Fergs looked great!!! varsity guys ran about 16.5 @ 6:25-6:28/ mile- Kellner hit over 14 in 1:40 (came back 4 minutes faster) most of the gierls team hit 12 miles up tempo and the guys team really put it out there- I can’t imagine a better group of kids- we had near a dozen young men get over 14 and close to 7 ladies over 12- AWESOME- you kids look like a college team out there!!!! I’ll put all the pics up on the site tomorrow-here’s a few samples.





longrun4.jpg  <——–Hilarious- should be the muse for a creative writing project.







longrun16.jpg <———- old Brian and New Brian.

Tuesday 8/26/08-kids met at the high school and completed a very easy run followed by a mile of 4 corners (push-ups, burpees, jumpin jacks and mountain climbers) followed by team core work inside- good easy day before tomorrow’s long run- the last on our summer cycle. Can you believe we’ve been at it for 9 weeks? Amazing summer of running!!!

Monday 8/25/08– Kids warmped up for 13 minutes- stretched as a team- then ran their respective steady state runs- the majority of the kids ran about 6 miles of work- Fergs looked amazing- probably should have run up with the top group.  Caroline Shelby and Becky all had great runs averaging a little under 7 a mile.  Pretty good work- Katie showed up a little later and completed a slightly longer 6.4 mile course in 43 flat aferaging around 6:45.  MANcuso  led everyone home in 53:30 for an average of 5:56 pace for nine miles- Mancuso’s never looked stronger- McKee was right behind him with Sameer following just in front of Wallack, Max, and company.  A total of about 11 mile for the top dogs- everyone else about 8 total.  Great day with few exceptions.  One of the longer days of the year will be Wednesday- weather’s supposed to be perfecto!!! Should be great.  Tomorrow we’re meeting up for some easy running and plenty of form drills and core work.


Week of 8/18/08-

Sunday 8/24/08- some of the kids took off- a much needed day of rest- someof us made the trek North to Hillsborough for the Walton Memorial Run- it was a great day, Pirates got there early enough to complete a 2 mile warmup followed by just under 7 miles of running at a very solid pace- Mancuso hit about 6:00 pace- everyone else followed closely behind.

Saturday 8/23/08-kids got in between 40-60 minutes followed by three stations of burpess, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers.  Everyone looked great!!! 

Friday 8/22/08-practice at Witherspoon St- 8:00 am!!! Kids hit the 2.5 miles up the hill and went through their hills after a team stretch.  Guys did 19- girls did 16- everyone looked great!! We’re really getting there!!! 

Thursday 8/21/08-Tyler State Park- many missing de to vacations etc.  Nonetheless the team split up into groups and ran between 45 (ladies) and 50 (dudes) followed by a mile or so of the ‘Devils square Dance’.  Great weather- about 70 and dry as a bone.  Coach Wayton and Siegel braved the hills with their bikes

Fat twins.jpg  

Wednesday 8/20/08- long run- perfect weather alowed the Pirates to go a hair longer than planned- top guys hit about 14 (95), Kellner hit about 13.4.  Everyone else followed suit behind- great day- kids looking very very strong.

Tuesday 8/19/08-2nd annual tube fest 2008.  Kids did between 50-75 minutes with a few exceptions then we tubed – beautiful day- very fun!!! 

Monday 8/18/08- Kids met at the Washington St. lot for either a group run (those from camp) or a steady state 5 miler.  Everyone looked swell.  Gurbux looked incredible along with DJ and Becky had probably her best long run ever!!! Those hitting up the distance got in between 6-11 miles follwing their warm-up and team stretch.  Coach Wayton handed out the hot new custom East Coast Chopper PXC decals….they’re SO HOT!!!

Week of 8/11/08

This week was a real cluster fart due to nuptuals and camp- we were all over the place- thankfully the Kellners and the Macaluso’s as well as some alumni were willing to lend a hand so the pattern wouldn’t suffer- those attending camp excelled.

Week of 8/4/08

Friday 8/8/08-congrats to Coach Siegel on his big day! Kids met at the hospital and ran up to our hill for 14 (ladies)- 17 reps (dudes). Coach Kellner and Coach Macaluso helped out.  Great job Pirates!!!

Weds. 8/6/08-   Best long run in recent memory- everyone looked incredible! Top guys went 100 minutes- top ladies around 80- Shelby and Caroline looked especially great! Guys continue to impress!!!

Monday 8/4/08- Met at Washington Rd. Split into groups after warm-up.  Group A ran 7 miles at steady state- Wallack continued to impress and managed to stay with Foy and Mancuso until the final 2.5 miles- Foy and Mancuso averaged around 5:55/ mile and looked great.   few struglled with the sun. Happy Burfday Katie Kellner!!