Week of 7/21/08-

Listen while you read

Saturday 7/26/08- met at South at 8am for an easy 45-55 minutes follwoed by 4 corners on the track- the corners were swing squats, Jumpin Jacks, Mountain climbers, and Burpees- pretty tough- everyone got in a mile- so 16 exercises.  Reps were 20 except for Burpees which were 10 reps.  Great group- pretty nice weather- warm but low humidity.  We’re getting there!!!!!!  

Friday 7/25/08- kids hit the Arreton Rd 15 times (dudes) 12 times (ladies) Ladies skiped every 4th- guys skipped every 5th. 2.5 up n back.  Groups getting stronger already- much less wearier. 

Wednesday 7/23/08- some kids ran at the tow path but practice was called for the most part due to heavy thunderstorms in the area- still Doug and a group got in their run- Wallack hit 6:40 pace for 13.5.  Kellner hit 70- a few others managed to get their run in.  Guys went 95 minutes down the shore. 

Monday 7/21/08- kids met at the washington street lot and completed a 13 minuite warm-up followed by 4-5 miles at tempo- Mckee led everyone home in 30:30 which is pretty decent considering it was HOT.  Pretty rough conditions- I’m proud everyone got it in!!!