Week of 7/14/08

Saturday 7/19/08- team met at Princeton Battlefield and ran an easy 40 minutes followed by team stretching, drills, and ‘4 corners’.  The corners were burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and swing squats- everyone looked greata nd perfromed very well!!!  

Friday 7/18/08- great turnout- kids met at the hospital despite nearly the entire team staying out late to see the new Batman movie…”Holy Commitment Batman”….that was a lame joke.  Anywho- 2.5 miles out to the hill- 11 up for the ladies and 14 for the dudes, 3 skips a piece, every 4th for the guys- every 3rd for the ladies.  Very good day.

Wednesday 7/16/08- kids ran between 60-85 minutes- front pack looked great and all ran around 12.5 miles- Shelby led the ladies with 80! Most girls got between 60-75.  Great group- mild weather really helped us out.

Monday 7/14/08- guys and gals ran between 4-5 miles for their tempo run- everyone looked great- weather stunk.