Week of 7/7/08

Friday- 7/11/08- guys ran 13 hills and the girls ran 10, both groups skipped up 3 times as well. 

Wednesday 7/9/08- another well-attended practice- very humid and thick air- nonetheless kids ran between 60-85 minutes- had a very large numbe rof kids running a great pace for the majority of the run- Foy ran a very fast first portion as he arrived late.  The ladies ran from 40- 70 minutes- I can’t tell you all how great it feels to see so many kids show up-  30 boys and 20 girls today! 50 kids getting after it- awesome!!!    

Monday 7/7/08-great summer run- probably single-best day of attendance we’ve ever had at a summer function- close to 50 kids.  We began our steady state=tempo cycle today- the varsity/ upper classmen guys did 4 miles while everyone else did the 3 mile woodmere loop.  Everyone looked great! 13 minute warmup followed by 10 minute cooldown and team core. Lets keep it up!!! I doubt there was a better summer practice in the state today!!!!!