Week of 7/28/08-

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Saturday 8/2/08-kids met at the boat ramp, ran 13 minutes easy- team stretch- then ran 45 (ladies)- 50 minutes easy for a total of 6-9 miles.  Afterwards teammet for a quick 4 corners with ‘coes’ instead of jumpin jacks. 

Friday 8/1/08*-about a 4 mile warm-=up due to detpour followed by 16 hills (x150 = 1.5 miles) for the dudes and 13 for the girls with three skips fitted in, 2.5 miles cooldown for a total of 8 miles.  great day for most of us!!!  

Wednesday 7/30/08-  kids ran between 70-95 minutes- Nick, Sam, Foy and alumni Justin Chen and Brian made it 7 miles out and were clicking off 6:30-ish pace- other group was right behind at around 7.  Girls completed around 80 minutes at the top end.  One of the better long days for our team in the summer- you kids are doing great!!!! 

Monday 7/28/08-  Kids met up at South, completed a 13 minutes warmup- then split into two groups, Group A did 10 k (6.2) and Group B did 4.5 miles.  Everyone looked great- huge Day for Callahan- he led Group B home- Foy and Mancuso hit 6 minute pace and Kellner floated home in a solid 42:30.  Great day!!!!!

Week of 7/21/08-

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Saturday 7/26/08- met at South at 8am for an easy 45-55 minutes follwoed by 4 corners on the track- the corners were swing squats, Jumpin Jacks, Mountain climbers, and Burpees- pretty tough- everyone got in a mile- so 16 exercises.  Reps were 20 except for Burpees which were 10 reps.  Great group- pretty nice weather- warm but low humidity.  We’re getting there!!!!!!  

Friday 7/25/08- kids hit the Arreton Rd 15 times (dudes) 12 times (ladies) Ladies skiped every 4th- guys skipped every 5th. 2.5 up n back.  Groups getting stronger already- much less wearier. 

Wednesday 7/23/08- some kids ran at the tow path but practice was called for the most part due to heavy thunderstorms in the area- still Doug and a group got in their run- Wallack hit 6:40 pace for 13.5.  Kellner hit 70- a few others managed to get their run in.  Guys went 95 minutes down the shore. 

Monday 7/21/08- kids met at the washington street lot and completed a 13 minuite warm-up followed by 4-5 miles at tempo- Mckee led everyone home in 30:30 which is pretty decent considering it was HOT.  Pretty rough conditions- I’m proud everyone got it in!!!

Week of 7/14/08

Saturday 7/19/08- team met at Princeton Battlefield and ran an easy 40 minutes followed by team stretching, drills, and ‘4 corners’.  The corners were burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and swing squats- everyone looked greata nd perfromed very well!!!  

Friday 7/18/08- great turnout- kids met at the hospital despite nearly the entire team staying out late to see the new Batman movie…”Holy Commitment Batman”….that was a lame joke.  Anywho- 2.5 miles out to the hill- 11 up for the ladies and 14 for the dudes, 3 skips a piece, every 4th for the guys- every 3rd for the ladies.  Very good day.

Wednesday 7/16/08- kids ran between 60-85 minutes- front pack looked great and all ran around 12.5 miles- Shelby led the ladies with 80! Most girls got between 60-75.  Great group- mild weather really helped us out.

Monday 7/14/08- guys and gals ran between 4-5 miles for their tempo run- everyone looked great- weather stunk.

Week of 7/7/08

Friday- 7/11/08- guys ran 13 hills and the girls ran 10, both groups skipped up 3 times as well. 

Wednesday 7/9/08- another well-attended practice- very humid and thick air- nonetheless kids ran between 60-85 minutes- had a very large numbe rof kids running a great pace for the majority of the run- Foy ran a very fast first portion as he arrived late.  The ladies ran from 40- 70 minutes- I can’t tell you all how great it feels to see so many kids show up-  30 boys and 20 girls today! 50 kids getting after it- awesome!!!    

Monday 7/7/08-great summer run- probably single-best day of attendance we’ve ever had at a summer function- close to 50 kids.  We began our steady state=tempo cycle today- the varsity/ upper classmen guys did 4 miles while everyone else did the 3 mile woodmere loop.  Everyone looked great! 13 minute warmup followed by 10 minute cooldown and team core. Lets keep it up!!! I doubt there was a better summer practice in the state today!!!!!

Week of 6/30/08

Listen while you read. 

Friday  7/4/08- gthe team celebrated American Independence by getting in a very solid first hill workout.  Kids met at Witherspoon St. Lot at 8:00 am. and jogged the 2.5 miles up to the top of Arreton Rd. we breifly stretched and regrouped before the kids ran between 6-11 hill repeats with skipping up the hill every 4-5 reps. 2.5 miles back down.  Good showing- congrats on the newcomers for making it through the first week!!!

Wednesday 7/2/08-first long run- met at the tow path- switched up the typical run as we segued over to the new Princeton University cross country course- kids looped around from 2-5 miles before heading back to the tow path.  Varsity guys hit 11-11.5- JV’s a little less- girls ran between 60-65 minutes at the varsity level and as little as 30 for the youngins.

Tuesday 7/1/08– first day of practice- we all met at the Marina and got in an easy run.  Decent turn out- better than last year..