Week of 5/26/08

Sunday 6/1/08-recovery run for both. 

Saturday 5/31/08-both kids get 6th to earn moc bids- pretty good day! 

Friday 5/30/08- pre meet for both…….unfortunately. 

Thursday 5/29/08-premeet for Keef, Katie runs a little longer. 

Wednesday 5/28/08- Katie runs about 6 miles on her own followed by strides and core.  Keith warms up for 21 minutes than goes through his stretching, drills, and strides. He does 4-5 starts, discusses his race, then cools down a few laps before heading home.

Tuesday 5/27/08- meet at track.  Katie does a 400 faster than race pace- rests about a minute- legs off a mile at goal pace, rests a bit- then runs 3×300 fast with 67 meters rest between.  Keith runs a 200 in 23 high, jogs a 200, legs a 400 in 54.1, legs a 200 and runs a 300 concentrating on his finish- hits under 40.  Looked good.

Monday 5/26/08-meet at Tow path- Katie runs for an hour at 7 min/ mile.  Keith runs for 40 minutes at 7 minutes a mile for the first 20 and a little faster coming back.  Drills nd strides upon returning.