Week of 5/19/08

Sunday – off 

Friday 5/23-24- sectionals! 

Thursday 5/22/08- easy run for all- those running tomorrow did next to nothing, those competing on Saturday did more than that (40-50) 

Wednesday 5/21/08-moderate 40-50 minutes plus strides with spikes on, Keith worked on his starts- everyone did some core, stretching, etc. 

Tuesday 5/20/08- quick team meeting, discussed yesterday and this weekend.  Talked about the ideals of success this weekend, illustrated in a few stories.  Like pre’s last mile in 72, and Rich Morris attacking Bob Keino in 1993.  really rainy out- still the girls and guys got in their distance runs- girls did 35 minutes plus core and the guys did around 40 and core, 800 folks hit around 25 and core. 

Monday 5/19/08- Those not running today tried to squueze in a workout but had to settle for a distance run as the Grover Meet occupied the track.  The Eastwern State’s relays gave those competing at Sectionals to get in a hard aggressive effort to gear them up for this weekend’s sectional championship.  See Race comments.