Week of 5/5/08-

Sunday 5/11/08- recovery run for those who ran at the county meet, off for the younger kids.

Saturday 5/10/08-Mercer County Championships.  Those not running got in their tow path run of 75-80 minutes. 

Friday 5/9/08- pre meet for most or recovery for the subapalooza crowd. 

Thursday 5/8/08-    Easy run for Varsity 45 (ladies) 50 (dudes) followed by a healthy dose of strides (last half barefoot) and core.

Wednesday 5/7/08-those not running the sub-a a palooooooza ran 30 minutes or 4 miles, 4-5×200 at GMP then 15-20 minutes and core. 

Tuesday- 5/6/08-those not running the meet did between 40-65 minutes and strides.  Foy, Mancuso and Schoepfs ran over to the tow path and did a solid run of 5-65 minutes. Thos running did their race followed in some cases by supplementary workouts (5×2 on / 2 off)  

Monday 5/5/08- Pre meet for those running tomorrow (30-40 minutes followed by core and strides).  Those not running did a workout- the sub 5 gang worked on their goal pace- 1200, 800, 600, 400 aimed at 5 minute/ mile pace- didn’t go so well.  Mancuso, Schoepfs and Foy did 2 miles up, drill n strides, 5 k at Threshold (Kevin looked great- Schoepfs looked solid- Mancuso didn’t look so great), 1k at GMP Mancuso hit 2:42, Foy and Schoepfs close behind, guys ran a little recovery and hit a 600 fst – Mancuso hit aeround 1:34-5- other close behind- looked pretty good overall.  Everyone’s ready for a goods one. Ladies went pre meet if running- same workout as the sub 5’rs if not. Core after. 

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