Week of 5/26/08

Sunday 6/1/08-recovery run for both. 

Saturday 5/31/08-both kids get 6th to earn moc bids- pretty good day! 

Friday 5/30/08- pre meet for both…….unfortunately. 

Thursday 5/29/08-premeet for Keef, Katie runs a little longer. 

Wednesday 5/28/08- Katie runs about 6 miles on her own followed by strides and core.  Keith warms up for 21 minutes than goes through his stretching, drills, and strides. He does 4-5 starts, discusses his race, then cools down a few laps before heading home.

Tuesday 5/27/08- meet at track.  Katie does a 400 faster than race pace- rests about a minute- legs off a mile at goal pace, rests a bit- then runs 3×300 fast with 67 meters rest between.  Keith runs a 200 in 23 high, jogs a 200, legs a 400 in 54.1, legs a 200 and runs a 300 concentrating on his finish- hits under 40.  Looked good.

Monday 5/26/08-meet at Tow path- Katie runs for an hour at 7 min/ mile.  Keith runs for 40 minutes at 7 minutes a mile for the first 20 and a little faster coming back.  Drills nd strides upon returning. 

Week of 5/19/08

Sunday – off 

Friday 5/23-24- sectionals! 

Thursday 5/22/08- easy run for all- those running tomorrow did next to nothing, those competing on Saturday did more than that (40-50) 

Wednesday 5/21/08-moderate 40-50 minutes plus strides with spikes on, Keith worked on his starts- everyone did some core, stretching, etc. 

Tuesday 5/20/08- quick team meeting, discussed yesterday and this weekend.  Talked about the ideals of success this weekend, illustrated in a few stories.  Like pre’s last mile in 72, and Rich Morris attacking Bob Keino in 1993.  really rainy out- still the girls and guys got in their distance runs- girls did 35 minutes plus core and the guys did around 40 and core, 800 folks hit around 25 and core. 

Monday 5/19/08- Those not running today tried to squueze in a workout but had to settle for a distance run as the Grover Meet occupied the track.  The Eastwern State’s relays gave those competing at Sectionals to get in a hard aggressive effort to gear them up for this weekend’s sectional championship.  See Race comments.

Eastern State's Relays

East Coast Relays


Name Time
Doug 4:44
Nick 4:53
Sameer 4:57
Max 4:55

4x 800 Girls SCHOOL RECORD !!!! 9:41.4!!

Name Time
Katie 2:24.8
Gabby 2:22
Calder 2:27
Shelby 2:26

4X800 Boys SCHOOL RECORD !!!!!! 8:17.1

Name Time
Keith 1:59
Mancuso 2:03
Schoepfs 2:06
Foy 2:07

4×400 3:27 Season’s BEST!!!!!!











Frosh Soph Boys 5/17/08

Name 400 800 1200 1600
Max 68 223 340 457
Schoepfs 72 222 332 439
F1 75 233 354 511
F2 75 237 401 521
Andrew O 73 229 347 505
Buchbinder 74 233 354 514
Hanson 78 242 416 536
Waris 78 244 410 545
Sleps 74 238 405 524





















Nick 228 506 748 1028
Sameer 228 505 746 1023
Max 228 506 748 1029
Hushal 236 530 829 1120
Schoepfs 224 500 738 1004

Week of 5/12/08-

Sunday 5/18/08- off or easy- most did around a 30 minutes runand 10 strides.  Some took off, by some I mean Keith 

Saturday 5/17/08- freshman sophomore meet -those not competing ran a longer run (60-70) followed by strides (10) Foy and Mancuso ran to the meet

Friday 5/16/08-  for those running tomorrow- easy run- thos erunning sectionals borke into groups, the middle distance guys did 600 @ 1:24-1:29 (1:47 for Becky).  They followed this up with a few laps easy then 6-10 X 100m fast with full walk back rest.  the Long distance group did 1200 @ gmp, 400 jog, 800 @ gmp then 4×400 @interval pace.  Katie did 2 miles of pace work- 3 400’s with 100m rest and 2×800 @ 3200 gp, then another 400.  Katie came up with her own workout and “loved it”.   

Thursday 5/15/08- easy run for most everyone after yesterday’s hard effort and before tomorrow’s or Saturday’s big race.  

Wednesday 5/14/08- those who ran the workout yesterday got out for 30 (ladies) to 40 minutes plus strides and core.  Those who went long yesterday hit up some core.  The MD guys did a wearm-up and 2x 1728 meters at their threshold pace.  McKee,  Foy, Mancuso, and Schoepfs ran 2x3456m at their threshold pace (80-82.5/ lap in lane 6 (adjusted))- everyone looked great- especially Foy they hit splits of 11:28 and 11:42 (Schoepfs hit only the first mile on the 2nd round.  Afterwards the guys jogged a bit before running 864 (2 laps lane 6) at their goal mile pace- Mancuso hit around 2:22 (4:20 pace-others followed- Foy packed on a 70 for 432 (65 pace).  Good workout- guys looked great. Katie ran 17:50 or so for 3 miles jogged a bit then attempted a mile at 3200 goal pace- she came up short and cooled down- going to take tomorrow off. We’re ready to roll!!!


Tuesday 5/13/08-Kids split into groups.  Kellner, Ting Ting, Tiffy, Santhiya, Jeff,  Schoepfer,Mancuso, and Foy all ran a tow path run.  Everyone else hit the track.  Guys did around 12-12.5 (85 min) with 10 strides after, ran the Blue Mtn trails.?  Girls did slightly shorter- weren’t feeling as spry Rest hit the track, Austin, Keith Nate, Jes. Becky,, Musce, and Brad did pace work and skill set 400’s (4-5) The mile/ 2 mile group walked through their goal pace, did an 800 @ pace followed by a few 400’s at goal pace or faster. Kids looked good 

Monday 5/12/08-Kids did a variety of things today.  First we had a quick team meeting. Next they split off into runs, last they did core.  Sam did 9.35 miles @ 6:27 pace and felt “good”.  Kellner ran on her treadmill for 60 minutes- rest of the gang did an easy run in groups followed by core. Bring spikes tomorrow! Here’s some info about the guy I was talking of today (Einars Tupuritis) .  He was awesome!!!!! BTW John Marshall was from Jersey, Ryun set the record on my college track, and Keef’s Dad ran with Earl Jones!!!!!  Better video of Dave Wottle….a guy who just refused to give up after a knee injury nearly left him out of the games…..there’s always something left!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got to stay on it!.

(+ = 880y -0.6)
1:44.3+ ………….. Jim Ryun (Ks) 66
1:44.55 ……… Julius Achon’ (GM) 96
1:44.70 ………. Mark Everett (Fl) 90
1:44.76 ……. Otukile Lekote’ (SC) 00
1:44.91 ……… Joaquim Cruz’ (Or) 83
1:45.08 … Einars Tupuritis’ (Wich) 96
……….. Patrick Nduwimana’ (Az) 00
1:45.12 ………. Earl Jones (EnMi) 85
1:45.16 …….. Mark Enyeart (UtSt) 77
1:45.18 …… Derrick Peterson (Mo) 00
Marks made outside collegiate season:
1:41.77 …………………. Cruz’ 84
1:32.16 ……….. Paul Ereng’ (Va) 89
1:43.74 …………………. Jones 84
1:43.90 …………….. Tupuritis’ 96
1:43.92 ……. John Marshall (Vill) 84
1:43.93 …….. William Wyuke’ (Al) 84
1:43.97 ……… Jose Parrilla (Tn) 92
1:44.06 …………….. Nduwimana’ 00

Week of 5/5/08-

Sunday 5/11/08- recovery run for those who ran at the county meet, off for the younger kids.

Saturday 5/10/08-Mercer County Championships.  Those not running got in their tow path run of 75-80 minutes. 

Friday 5/9/08- pre meet for most or recovery for the subapalooza crowd. 

Thursday 5/8/08-    Easy run for Varsity 45 (ladies) 50 (dudes) followed by a healthy dose of strides (last half barefoot) and core.

Wednesday 5/7/08-those not running the sub-a a palooooooza ran 30 minutes or 4 miles, 4-5×200 at GMP then 15-20 minutes and core. 

Tuesday- 5/6/08-those not running the meet did between 40-65 minutes and strides.  Foy, Mancuso and Schoepfs ran over to the tow path and did a solid run of 5-65 minutes. Thos running did their race followed in some cases by supplementary workouts (5×2 on / 2 off)  

Monday 5/5/08- Pre meet for those running tomorrow (30-40 minutes followed by core and strides).  Those not running did a workout- the sub 5 gang worked on their goal pace- 1200, 800, 600, 400 aimed at 5 minute/ mile pace- didn’t go so well.  Mancuso, Schoepfs and Foy did 2 miles up, drill n strides, 5 k at Threshold (Kevin looked great- Schoepfs looked solid- Mancuso didn’t look so great), 1k at GMP Mancuso hit 2:42, Foy and Schoepfs close behind, guys ran a little recovery and hit a 600 fst – Mancuso hit aeround 1:34-5- other close behind- looked pretty good overall.  Everyone’s ready for a goods one. Ladies went pre meet if running- same workout as the sub 5’rs if not. Core after.