Week of 4/28/08

Sunday 5/4/08-Sat crowd gets in their long run today- most everyone else – off- good week- we’re ready for anything. 

Saturday 5/3/08-last tow path run as a pirate for Tiffany and Santhiya, kids did a long easy aerobic run to maintain their aerobic integrity while allowing yesterday’s workout to sink in.  Varsity guys ran between 12-13 and Kellner ran just under 12 in 86 minutes- everyone looked good- nice weather for a long run, 50 and cloudy.  10-12 strides after. 

 Friday 5/2/08- easy run for those who ran the Subapalooza and core led by the fightin fergs, for those doing a workout- standard 13 up, rushed through drills and strides and everyone did work at race pace.  Sam led his group (Foy, Schoepfs, Scmidt, and wallack) through a mile drill, 3 laps at GP, rest til 4, and bulldoze a lap.  Mancuso hit 3:15/ 62 for a 4:17 total- everyone else hit hit 3:20’s and mid to upper 60’s, kids then jogged a lap and ran 4×400 in 68-71 on a strict 2 minute cycle.  800 group did 2*600 @ GP, with ample rest between and a few sharp 200’s at the end.  Keith hit 1:25 or a little faster and 1:26 followed his team mates, Jess hit 1:45 and slowed a bit on the 2nd- Santhiya right behind.  2 mile group did their 4-3-2-1.  Kellner hit 5:23/ 4 sumpin, 2:41 and 74 in trainers, Tingy right behind her.  Guys hit 4:53, 343/222/64 led by McKee. Great day!

Thursday 5/1/08/-sub5/6apalooza. See Race comments.
Wednesday 4/30/08- either comp. vs Trenton or pre-meet for Sub-a apalooza.

Tuesday 4/29/08-easy day for everyone followed bya few strides and core. 

Monday 4/28/08- workout day for all. Afternoon started with a short team meeting assigning groups.  Must have been tough for Katie after bustin loose a 1:27:38 1/2 marathon  yesterday but she got it done anyway and ran aggressive and tough.  Everyone did a short 13 minute warm-up followed by drills and strides (8).  Weather actually cooperated quite well and didn’t start to pour until after the workout.  JV kids- boys and girls did an 800 @ goal mile pace followed by a laps resta nd 5×400 @ GMP with a 12m jog between.  Kids ran aggressive and a few (Beck, Umar, Carmichael) had some breakthrough reps.  The 800 groups ran 4 reps of 5/8ths of their goal distance at RACE pace with suitable jog between.  Keith led the guys home in 71-74, most at 71.  Ladies ended up being Becky and Jess- both alternated the lead and looked great- Becky still battling a cold and weird ankle thing- plus she got close to their goal (87.5) with trainers on.  Good day- great to see the return of Darmofal with the MD guys. 1600 crowd changed their look this week with some short 800 pace training to get some bite into their legs these last few weeks of 2008.  Kids ran a 400 @ 58-60, 300’s at 45 or under, and 5* 200’s at 27-30. Looked good- what a great young group!!!  Ladies did the same workout with Tiff, Shelbs, Santhiya, Kayleigh, Facheema- all hit nice runs though Shelby felt her 70 minute hard run yesterday stayed in her legs a bit.  The 3200 crew of Jeff, Sameer, Max, Anil, Katie, Tingy, n Julio atemmpted 2X 2000m @ goal 2 mile pace with a 400 rest jog between sets- everyone fell short but some good marks were posted everywhere- weather wasn’t ideal- kids weren’t spiked up etc- Jeff hit 6:19/6:26, Sameer was right behind him both times and Kellner hit 7:07 and…..7:07 (5:41 pace) with Tingy trailing closely.  Kids looked great- Brian put himself through quite a bit of cross training in the pool and the bike at lunch.  Heck of a two days for Katie- everyone easy tomorrow- some easier than others- to get ready for a variety of things on Wednesday and 2nd sub a palooza.