Week of 4/21/08

Listen while you read! 

Sunday 4-27-08- some did their long run today- Keith ran an hour,  Kellners invaded Allentown PA and Katie hammered a hilly half marathon at 6:41 a mile in 1:27:38 ands future Pirate Caroline Kellner had a HUGE breakthrough over 5k in 19:23…HOLY CRAP!!! Mother Anne sprinted a 25:13 and Father Steve had a pretty awesome day himself as he bulldozed a 1:37:33 !.   

Saturday  4-26-08-Easy run (first 1/2) on the tow path followed by the 2nd half @ threshold pace.  Mancuso ran the first portion (6.5) at 6:39 per mile- 43 minutes andf change- towing along Max , Sameer (who ran great), and Schoepfer.  At the turn around Mancuso started to roll off miles either right under or right over 5:50 to finish in 36 and change- overall a great longer run.  I don’t have the exact times on all of you but it seemed like a good overall day with a longer run in different terrain, Tiffy looked great as did Facheema and on and on- really coming together for a push to the top in the next few weeks.

Friday 4/25/08- Easy run

Thursday 4/24/08- Penn for Katie everyone else hit the track for as variety of workouts.  McKee, Foy, and the wonder sophs did 6 laps at goal pace followed by a short rest and a hard 2 laps. Foy hit 7:33/2:32 and everyone else settled in behind- overall not a great day.  800 dudes did their Bowerman 800 drill in sub 90, rest til 2 and kick home, all in all this grouip ran pretty well. This group followed with a few fast 200’s after a rest jog.  The ladies did similar workouts- highlighted by Tiffy and Tingy.  Tiffy ran 3 lap 1 lap with a rolling rest interval at 5 minutes, so she ran 4:09/ 73 for an amazing 5:22 drill in a workout!!!!! 800 girls did the same as the 800 dudes and cut 1:49/37.  Tingster solo’d a 5:51/5:59 with a scant 60 seconds rest.  This builds to an 11:50! You’re ready to roll girl!

Wednesday- 4/23/08- for many it was an easy day- some of us did a tad longer.  The it was time for the SUB a Palooza, some nice performances!! See Race Comments.

Tuesday 4/22/08-Either kids went very easy in prep for tomorrow’s FIRST EVER SUB 5 a APOLOOZA or they competed at the meet.  Some breakthrough runs today, Shelby runs 5:27, Jessica runs 2:26, , Schmitty 4:39- Wallach 4:40, Margiota 4:46, Sameer 4:48, Nate Ogden 62.7 in the 400 h, Santhiya 5:56 in the 1600, Brad 53 point in the 400, McKee 10:14 in the 3200, etc etc, we looked great! We’re doing amazing things, you all have no idea how proud we are of you!!! Just amazing!!!!!!! Get a note from your parents if you’d liek to attend Penn on Friday!!!!! 

Monday 4/21/08-Most kids did an easy run in prep for tomorrow’s dual vs. Hightstown.  Runs ranged from 40-90 minutes.  Katie, Tiffy and Ting Ting went to the tow path and ran a solid 80 minutes or so and strides, looked good the whole way.  Mancuso and Foy did an easy 12 (6:39 avg) , Schoepfer and McKee ran an easy 11 and Keith ran an easy 7.  Kids did relaxed 8-10 strides followed by easy stretching.  Brian did 65 minutes on the bike.  Half an hour later, pool ran for an hour. 

Tuesday 4/22/08- Brian did 40 minutes on the bike during gym class. then came back later and did a workout in the pool.  Did 8 sets of 3 minutes as hard as possible, two minutes rest.  Then broke for in the mile.  2:05 at the half, 3:07 at the 1200, then closed with a 49 for a 3:56.  On a side note, the meet against Hightstown went well.  More on the meet coming up.

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