Dual vs. Steinert

Girls sheet- steuinertdual08ladies.xls

Kayleigh- 100 second third lap blew yourt chances of a sub 6- however- if you can keep the same mindset you’ll be under before long!!! Great job out there!

Tingster- follow closer! You have to be able to latch on and go on autopilot- this gets more important as the season progresses. You’re doing great- hard aggresive effort this weekend!!!

Tiffy- great controlled effort- you’re ready to go under 5:30 this weekend!!

Santhiya- 2:47 at the half! Keep going out at that pace! You’ll stop dying and before you know it you’ll be under 5:50! I promise!

Ashmeister- your pr is 5:36 from Sophomore year- itd be nice to go get that mark!

Becky- you’re in the best shape of your life! Great move on the inside with 250 to go.

Shelby- you got gapped and didn’t fight back- two things you never do- stay close and be nasty in the last stretch.

Kellner- great job- you’re following directions and in tremendous shape!!!!!

Julio- if you can just lay back and stay cool you’ll exceed all tyour expectations! Just let go and have fun.

Jess- you fast girl!!! Lets use your speed and strenght to go after a great 800 time!

Boys sheet-steinertdual08.xls

Mancuso- great workout- 4:30 (220/210) woodmere in 17:12- 400 in 55.  You’re fast and your endurance is incredible- you’re in amazing shape- way ahead of those who came before you- you can break 4:20 THIS YEAR– great job executing this week in training- you’re soooooo fit.

McKee- simply stopped racing the last 200- first 1400 was fine- last 200 lacked fire- you need fire this weekend!!!

Keith- 30 second pr- wait til you see the tape- your stride is so large and quick it really looks like you’re jogging next to Frankel who’s ‘haulin butt’. Standing u and running 22.7 is sick…maybe we’ll work on starts.

Brad- you’re fast dude.  That’s natural fast too man- no tow path runs are going to prepare you for that- great job- way to step up to the challenge.

Wallack- wow- great race- ran tough and competed so well- you’re strong as an ox man.

Nate- great job in the hurdles- all those hours of hurdle practice are paying off…hahahaha- good work man- solid job in the 800 as well- have to be a mean SOB that last 200 though, mean mean mean

Foy- don’t settle dude- 2:06 is a BIG PR- but your old PR was not a good barmometer of your capability- you’re capable of alot- you’re an elite caliber runner.  Get mean out there. 

DJ- you just keep gettin’ better man- great job- lets fight to get under 2:10 and 5:00.

Hwang- sub 2:10 and 5- it’s right in fromt of you- lets go get it.

Max- one of your best races- pretty amazing! you doubled your mile pr from last year!

Anil- great fighting effort- monitor that heel and pay attention to your diet- hydrate stay after the core and you’ll break 10:30 soon.

Schmitty- great race man- you looked awesome- great last lap too (71) tells me there’s more in the tank- lets think about running under 10 this year- yuo can do it- lets make it a challenge and pursue it!

Schoepfs- you’re an animal- plain and simple- great run, 5:07/5:04.  You can break 10 this year! Sameer- you have to trick yourself and stay in it- don’t think about the finish line- think about what you can control- your last 3 laps killed you- you were there with 5 laps to go- then you lost contact- can’t lose contact though man- stay on it.

Franks- I dunno how I forgot to comment on this one- I’m dead tired and dumb, my apologies, Frankel- you’ve been tago’n with the 5 minute barrier for two full years! Great to finally bust way through it- you were tough and aggresive the whole race- really a great performance! Next week we’ll see what you can do in the 3200! Great job!!