Week of 4/14/08

Sunday 4/20/08- easy recovery or off.

Saturday 4/19/08-County Relays- Kids run great! Those not running met and ran with Mr. Siegel at the tow path for an 11 mile run. 

Friday 4/18/08-Most kids do a little pre meet and then head over to watch the Grover Meet.

Thursday- 4/17/08 –JV did an easy run of 40-50 minutes and strides/ core.  Varsity did a 3(ladies) to 4(dudes) mile warm-up followed by stretching and drills, then we did 20 minutes of light fartlek followed by some easy barefoot strides. Great weather- a little warm even, watched the tape from Tuesday afterwards.

Wednesday 4/16/08- JV boys and girls ran 13 minute warm-up followed by 2 800’s and 4 400’s @ goal mile pace rest was 125m jog, 2 lap cool down, strides, and core.  Boys who raced yesterday ran 40 – 50 minutes easy followed by 10 strides and core.  Girls who raced ran 45 minutes easy, 10 strides and core. 

Tuesday 4/15/08- For those not running the meet we ran 13 minutes warm-up followed by a 40 minute distance run.  Those running today worked around their goal races.  Some Great performances we’ll cover in race comments.  Mancuso did a superb workout- he carried his first 800 in the 1600 in 2:20 (2 mile pace) followed by his last 800 at 1600 goal pace for a 4:30 Sam followed this performance with Mckee and ran a Woodmere in 17: 12  (Mancuso) and 17:18 (McKee before Mancuso tore off a 400 in 55.  Foy worked on his speed (2:06/ 56) and Keith worked on his Strength with a 4:47 followed by a sensational  22.7- maybe the best performance came in the boys 3200 where 3 guys ran under 10:20 and all three are sophs or freshman.  The girls witnessed some great performances as well- Jessica Yan’s 62 OPEN 400, Kellner’s 2:26 was leaned out by Gabby Hunter’s 2:26 and saw 4 South Girls break 2:30! AWESOME!!!! Tiffany Hsieh won both girls distance races in controlled fashion.  Great job today! Wallack- just a freshman tears off a 4:48 followed closely by a 58 400- talk about strength!!! Ogden wins the 400 hudles and Brad works on his sprinting with a 53.9/ 24 double~!!!

Monday 4/14/08- JV girls ran 13 minute warm up and met at Community Park where we ran 42 minutes ( 3 minutes tempo, 3 minutes jog)  then finished with a cool down and core.   JV guys did 13 minutes up, drills strides and a 4.25 mile run at threshold, followed by a short cooldown and core.  Those running tomorrow dual vs. Steinert ran between 40 and 55 easy.  Katie and Tiffy ran 55 minutes and did 10 strides followed by core while Kevin, McKee, and Mancuso did Lenape for an 8.5 total. Brian did 45 minutes easy on the bike followed by 75 minutes in the pool. 

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