Dual Vs. North

Here are the split sheets!!


Shelby- your best race to date- awesome gutsy and savvy performance- you have a great shot at running close to 2:20 this season! Keep up the good work and stay motivated and positive!

Kellner- point blank- you’re in thre best shape of your life- your mile looked easy and you’re not anywhere near as fresh as you’ll be at Penn or MOC, your 3200 is a testament to your fitness- if you can maintain your present level of drive and health- and adhere to our racing goals- you’ll amaze yourself this year, at least two hard efforts this Saturday!

Tiffy- wow- where do I start? First off- that’s almost a PR in the 1600- in a race where you don’t have to go out at 75- and can stay closer to 80 you’ll run even faster- you’re certainly ready to chase the 5:20 barrier- great gutsy job doubling back in the 800 and tripling back in the 400- you’re a great leader!

Ting Ting- wow- awesome day- you looked smooth and in control in the 1600 and then came back strong in the 32-you’re a great team player- you’re in your best shape- stay the course and lets see where we can take this!

Kaleigh- you get better each week- lets take the steps necessary to break 6- be bold and brave- do the right things in training- keep your attitude where it’s been! You’re a great addition!

Becky- what a great race! What would have made it a perfect race would have been you staying on the heels of the leaders and going wide off that last turn- you have to resist the urge to get gapped- especially with these Spring winds.

Calder- 10 seconds in 3 days…….huh…..you’re way ahead of where you were last year- stay healthy and steady and work towards some idea of a dream goal (2:20) for this year! Keep getting strong in the core so we can avoid any injuries.

Santhiya- you’ll be back to where you want in no time- take safe and smart chances during your races and give yourself more creedit- you’re in great shape- know this!

Ash- look at your 1st mile – now look at your 2nd mile, you have to stay tough in there- think about competing- not surviving.

Julia- 2nd mile was rough kiddo- you have to stay positive, cool, and competitive out there.

Jess- you’re ready for a great 800!!!!


Schoepf’s- congrats on the freshman record! You’re outpacing some great athletes- you can go as far as you want in this sport. When I came here few had the guts to race with your mentality- I used to say “if you’re going to die- die on the las lap- but hang in there as long as you can”- you did that to a T- you and Kevin- look at yuor splits 65 (4:20), 2:15 (4:30) 3:24 (4:32), your body will adjust to this type of racing- it”ll adapt- and one day you’ll run those times- at your pace- sooner than later.

Nick- good through the 800- 3rd lap killed you (75) it pulled you out of the race- stay in there put your head down and race with emotion- good times are earned! 800 you held back- don’t hold back! You’re tougher than that!

Brad- break out! Take some chances! You’re going to have to get a license plate that reads “2:07” Lets move towards out goal- 400 was GREAT- you ran hard and loose!!!

Nate- come on man- that was silly- you have to get out there and hang tough- you were trying to survive!

Wallack- same as Nate- be bold and confident to be bold and confident- good habits lead to great races!

DJ- don’t be timid out there! Stay up near the front and fight fight fight.

Keith- you’re very fit and strong- we’re going to start thinking about Penn and MOC and using our speed in the last portion of the race- all the way through the line.

Sam- good solid race- but you hesistated on the 6th lap- know this- you can run with anyone– under 9:30 this year.

McKee- 5th and 6th laps you simply stopped running- (82’s) and carried that pace through the line.  We’ll work on this

Sameer- congrats on the sub 5! Looked good out there- all you guys are on my goal sheet to run under 4:45 this Spring- looks like we may have to readjust our goals! Go after 4:40!!!

Max- your strength points toweards the 3200 but your speed is going to allow you to run under 4:45- lets live breath and sleep  4:45 in our head- the closer yopu get to that the closer we get to 10!

Foy- great race- you hung in there and fought the whole way! You’ll be able to run with those guys in another month- trust me.  Keep racing like this- I’m proud of yuo- lay off the first lap though- you’re not there yet. Solid 3200- you’re fit!

Grant- good start – lets push towards 11! Your 2nd mile needs work! You competed well!!!